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About Chhichhore Full Movie

Chhichhore (translated uncivilized) is a 2019 Indian Hindi comedy-drama film directed by Nitesh Tiwari, written by Tiwari in collaboration with Piyush Gupta. And also Nikhil Mehrotra, and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala under Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment, with Fox Star Estudios, acquires the distribution rights. With Sushant Singh Rajput, Shraddha Kapoor, Varun Sharma, Tahir Raj Bhasin, Naveen Polishetty, Tushar Pandey. And also in the leading roles with Shishir Sharma and Mohammad Samad in the supporting characters.

The film tells the story of Aniruddh “Anni “Pathak, a middle-aged divorcee whose son Raghav goes to kill himself but survives despite his critical condition because he does not want to live for fear of being named a “loser.” Desperate, he goes beside the wishes of his ex-girlfriend, which turns into his ex-wife Maya’s wish to recount his journey since 1992 as a “loser” in a gang of six; As he continues to convince Raghav, the other five receive news of the tragedy. And also decide to join their grieving friend to complete a story they continue to cherish as a lesson in their life. Apart from this comedy movie you can also watch romantic movie on torrent site world famous lover filmyzilla.

Details Of Chhichhore Full Movie Download

Director: Nitesh Tiwari


  • Nitesh Tiwari
  • Piyush Gupta
  • Nikhil Mehrotra

Producer: Sajid Nadiadwala

Star cast:

  • Sushant Singh Rajput
  • Shraddha Kapoor
  • Varun Sharma
  • New Policy
  • Tushar Pandey
  • Tahir Raj Bhasin
  • Prateik Babbar
  • Saharsh Kumar Shukla
  • Shishir Sharma
  • Mohammad Samad

Editor: Charu Shree Roy

Music: Pritam

Production company:

Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment

Distributed: Fox Star Studios

Release date: 6 September 2019

Running time: 143 minutes

Country: India

Language: Hindi

Budget: 500,000,000 (US 6.6 million)

Box office: 1 2,150,000,000 (US $ 29 million)

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More About Chhichhore Full Movie Download

Technological institute. Aniruddha ‘Anni’ Pathak (Sushant Singh Rajput) is a middle-aged divorced man who lives with his teenage son, Raghav Pathak (Mohammad Samad), an aspiring engineer awaiting his results entrance exam in hopes to recruit them to register for the Indian exam. On the eve of the results, Anni hands Raghav a bottle of champagne. And also promises him that they will celebrate their success together, not knowing that Raghav is under tremendous pressure. The bottle of champagne only fuels Raghav’s worry about what will happen if he doesn’t. The next day, while checking the results in his friend’s apartment, Raghav discovers that he was not qualified for the IIT exam results and that he deliberately slips off the balcony to kill himself for fear of ‘being called a “loser” committed, but survived, albeit in a fatal state.

Anni rushes to the hospital, where she stabs to comfort her ex-wife Maya Pathak (Shraddha Kapoor). She blames Anni for not realizing the pressure Raghav was under. Dr. Sunit Dev Kasbekar (Shishir Sharma) informs Maya and Anni that Raghav’s condition deteriorates because Raghav lacks the will to live. When Anni realizes that her son is afraid of being called a “loser,” she stumbles upon photos from her college days and begins telling stories from her college days to rekindle hope in Raghav.


Chhichhore est un film de comédie dramatique indienne en langue hindi de 2019 réalisé par Nitesh Tiwari et produit par Sajid Nadiadwala sous Fox Star Studios et Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment.

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