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What are the Hand Push-ups? – Definition, Types, Benefits, and More

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Hand Push-ups Definition

Hand Push-ups The action of bending the body or some of its members known as flexion. Its approximation movement between parts of the body through the section of the muscles.

And also, In the field of sports, flexion refers to the act of bending a joint and then stretch it and recover the initial state.

And, the opposite movement is called extension and produce a distance between the bones and the parts is flexed.

What are the Types of Hand Push-ups?

1. Push-ups

  • Push-ups is most popular strength exercises laterally the abdominals and, it considered the necessary practice in physical education classes in schools or even in the field of military training.
  • This type of push-up requires specific physical abilities and good performance, and the extra advantage not needs any additional material and also, done from home.
  • And also, used it improves strength in the upper half of the body, strengthening the extensor muscles of the chest and arms.

2. Hindu Push-ups

  • Carry out the type of flexion, and also, it takes the account it must not starts from a conventional flexion position.
  • And it, support the soles the feet and palms the hands on the floor, and the buttocks raised.
  • And also, the back place is straight possible, establish the upward diagonal from the head to the buttock.

3. Push-ups with Material

  • This type of push-up, the options is more varied and, it introduces elements such as medicine balls on the feet or hands rest, or add extra weight on the body.
  • In these cases, it’s essential to take special care and increase the weight and the difficulty of the exercise and, avoid causes damage to the body.

4. Push-ups with Palms

  • This type of bending is similar to conventional ones. And the advantage it does enough force the time to hit the hands in the air before resting them on the ground again.

5. Shoulder Push-ups or Mountain Push-ups

  • The upper part of the trunk It exercise starts from a pyramidal position, and the body in inverted V position and the arms and legs stretched out.
  • The movement is downward first and, bend the elbows upward later. It is essential not to open the elbows as it can be harmful to the shoulders.

What are the Benefits of Hand Push-ups?

  • These types of exercises entail, performing push-ups the part of a routine training program its extensive health benefits.

1. Increase the Resistance of the Spine

  • And also, it includes a decrease in the predisposition to suffer damage in this area, especially in the case of people is spend a lot of time standing.

2. Produce the Increase in Bone Mass

It essential to bear in mind, and the growth of bone mass not promotes, it tends to decrease over the years and lead the body to suffer from conditions such as osteoporosis or bones weaker.

3. Beneficial for Cardiovascular Health

  • This type of exercise, the heart pumps more blood, and it more fluidly. And also, this way, respiration increases and the brain get more oxygen.
  • And Similarly, push-ups allow the improvement in fat metabolism and advantage it helps to lose weight.

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