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LUNA MINI 2: Is this luxury worth your facial cleansing? – Definition, and Reviews.

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LUNA MINI 2 Definition

I confess it. When I opened the package that contained my Foreo LUNA Mini 2 cleaning device, I had a goofy smile that I couldn’t describe to you.

Since the “boom” of the first Foreo LUNA, her older sister wanted to have one. And I already have mine in my hands!

What is the LUNA Mini 2?

  • Almost all of us who usually move online on cosmetic issues know what Foreo devices are but let me start from the beginning in case someone who does not read me.
  • The first. What is this “little gadget”? Well, it is a device for daily use as part of your facial hygiene.
  • It vibrates, so that when you pass it on your wet face, its filaments separate impurities from the skin, leaving it much cleaner in less time.
  • And it is also gentle on the skin, thanks to the rounded shape and flexibility of its filaments.

What does the package bring?

The device.

  1. A cable to connect it via USB to the computer to charge it. It is not using to access it from the computer.


  1. Super summary instructions, but from my point of view, they are excellent. However, it is easy to find more information on the official Foreo website.

How do I use the LUNA Mini 2?

First of all, you need to charge the device. Just plug it in and connect to the computer until the LED stops flashing. Be careful. Never leave it charging for more than 24 hours.

And while it charges, I’m going to tell you what you need to know to use it.

What are the areas of each face of Foreo Luna Mini?

  • If you look closely at the front of the Foreo Luna Mini 2, you will see that it has several areas.
  • On the one hand, the ignition control (the hollow circle in the center), and those of raising. And they are lowering the speed (the plus and minus).
  • At the bottom, a transparent part that flashes when charging, and that lights up steadily when using it when the recommended time has passed.
  • And at the top, some silicone filaments vary in size: at the bottom, the thinnest and softest, at the top, an area of thick bristles for greater intensity and cleaning precision.

What is the routine to nofollow with the LUNA Mini 2?

It is relatively fast and straightforward:

Moisten your face and the appliance. You can do it as it is under running water from the tap. Quiet, it will not spoil. Put the cleanser you are going to use on your face. Be careful not to have clay, alcohol, or petroleum jelly: they could damage the silicone.

The product that you choose is a lubricant that is enjoyable (don’t think wrong, I mean that it allows the device to slide better on the XD side). The apparatus begins to pass through the face. The recommended time is one minute in total.

As you will see, you should avoid the eyes and their contour, but you can clean all other areas of the face (the device vibrates to warn you when to move to the next room):

  • Temple, cheeks, and chin on one side of the face
  • Same but on the other side
  • Front
  • Frown and nose
  • And ready! You only have to clean the face and the device with soap and water. The tool lets you continue for two more minutes, and after the third minute, it turns off automatically.

What features does the LUNA Mini 2 have?

  1. It is making of silicone, so there is no need to change brushes or need spare parts.
  2. It is an excellent commercial argument used to “fight” in its early days with Clarisonic brushes and their derivatives.
  3. But it is still true: silicone is tremendously durable, so as soon as you take care of it, you have Foreo LUNA Mini 2 for a while.
  4. On the other hand, silicone is a very hygienic material, which does not host, durable, and very easy to maintain.
  5. You can get it in the tap or the shower without fear. It is watertight, and no water will enter it.
  6. The battery lasts for a while. I charged it initially, and in three or four months, it goes the same as at the beginning.
  7. According to the brand, the battery lasts 5 months of daily use for one hour of charging.
  8. The device remembers what speed you used the last time. If you are a person of customs, it will be great. If not, it is straightforward to change.
  9. It has a timer that makes it vibrate every time you have to change the area of your face, and three times when the recommended minute of use passes, although it continues to work for two more minutes.
  10. And it stops. It isn’t easy to spend time on use.
  11. In any case, the light on the base lights up when you run out of time, and tells you when it is charging. It will sound like bullshit, but it seems useful to me.

Is Luna Mini safe?

  • The first thing that I have to advise you: do not bring it close to the eyes.
  • Its contour has the thinnest and most fragile skin of the face, so it is easy for small blood vessels to break that later have no remedy.
  • It took me several months to write this review because I wanted to see if it would go away, but nothing. She is tiny, and I don’t care too much, but there she is.
  • Apart from choosing a cleaning product that does not have clay, alcohol, or petroleum jelly, I would advise that the one you use be as lubricating as possible.
  • The instructions themselves indirectly suggest some risk in its use by insisting that you do not use it for more than three minutes at a time.
  • There have also been cases in the networks of people who, after a few months of the significant improvement in their skin. And also have had acne problems or something similar. But it seems that they are in the minority.
  • When in doubt, you can always use the face with more delicate hairs and the softest programs, they will work very well to cleanse the skin ?, and you do not take unnecessary risks.

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