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What is a Mobile or traveling Barber?

by healthandbeautytimes

What is a mobile hairdresser you ask? It’s pretty straight forward, Instead of your clients coming to you, you will be going to them.

A Mobile hairdresser is an individual that travels from client to client, usually to their homes or hotel to provide services you would typically get at a hair salon. The barber can be independent or part of a company, like a network of mobile barbers and mobile hairstylists. But they have all the same training, licensing, and certification as salon-based stylists. They’re also equipped to offer many of the same, if not more, hairstyling services. These services include hair coloring , cuts, or styles. This can be for normal hair maintenance such as a trim/cut and style, or it can be for specific special occasions such as styling hair for proms, formals, weddings, and other events where the client wouldn’t want to make a trip to a salon.

For most people time is money, if able to save time by having someone else render a service people will choose that option.

Many people pay for housekeeping and lawn maintenance when these things can be done by the individual but we don’t mind paying if it means we don’t have to take the time to do it ourselves . We’ve seen an increase in the use of grocery delivery services as well as already prepared meal boxes for dinner, showing again that people are willing to pay for convenience and not having to do this themselves . Mobile hairdressing works in the same way the only difference is that it doesn’t always cost more for that convenience.

Mobile hairstyling can be useful in several instances As stated above special occasions, such as weddings are the perfect time to use a mobile stylist. It is much more convenient to employ the services of a mobile stylist who can come directly to the bridal party’s location. Rather than having to visit a salon on such a important and often already stressful day. Nursing homes and Assisted living Facilities prefer using mobile hairdressers because of their elderly population and how difficult it can be to often get them to a salon. Busy parents also find mobile hairdressers very useful. Instead of booking a babysitter to spend the day in the salon the can have some come to them, while there the stylist can give the child a haircut as well.

Becoming a Mobile hairdresser has many Benefits. Flexibility is a big benefit, you essentially make your own your own schedule. No sitting in an empty salon waiting for clients. You book as many or as little amount of appointments as you like. Building a personal relationship with your clients is another benefit.

Many people confide in their hairdressers. But it takes even more trust to invite a hairdresser into your home. You are meeting clients in their homes and developing rapport with them, building a loyal client base. More profitability is another great benefit in becoming a mobile hairdresser.

You will be saving a ton on rent and utilities by not having a salon space. You also get to keep the full amount customers pay as opposed to working in a salon. Where you pay booth rent or only receive a percentage based on your commission rate. Keep in mind.  However, you will need to bring your own equipment and supplies. It will also take you time and gas to get from house-to-house. So these costs need to be factored in when setting your rates.

Becoming a self-employed mobile hairdresser can be interesting, exciting, fun and even a bit challenging at times. If this sounds appealing to you. This may be your calling – and your chance to prove you’re a cut above the rest.

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