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What is Spa Therapies? – Health Benefits and 12 Amazing Spa Therapies.

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Is Spa Therapy a Source of balance and well-being?

Sometimes work, daily routine, stress, and responsibilities drag us into a spiral. From which it is difficult to get out. This tension affects our body and leads to pain, anxiety, and insomnia.

In those moments, getting to relax and escape to a spa or SPA therapies center is a highly recommended solution.

The benefits of SPA therapies have been proven over the centuries. As they provide a balance between body and mind and help restore well.

And also, in this post, we will tell you a little more about SPA therapies and their usefulness.

However, the term SPA (Salus Per Aquam) refers to areas or centers. Where health and relaxation therapies offer water’s curative use in most thermal origin cases.

What are the health benefits of Spa Therapies?

  1. The thermal or marine waters contain high levels of useful minerals for the body since they balance their mineralization levels. And also,  improve the joints, bones, muscles, lymphatic, and blood circulation.
  2. However, the benefits of SPA therapies are not solely physical.
  3. Through the different treatments offered in the spas, it is possible to achieve relaxation. Forget about stress for a while, and disconnect.
  4. And also, a right SPA treatment helps us recharge our batteries, feel better, value our body and health more, and gain self-esteem and security. In this way, our well-being reflects in our beauty.
  5. The benefits of spa treatments do not begin or end where we receive them. Its effects linger and extend within and outside of us.

What are the different Amazing Spa Therapies?

These therapies aim to achieve what we have developed in our initial idea. To reduce tension and stress levels, give us peace and mental tranquility, in short, care for physical and psychological health.

Here we have chosen 12 Amazing Spa Therapies.


  • Aromatherapy uses the synergistic properties of essential oils to achieve harmony between body and mind.
  • It is a therapeutic specialty that takes advantage of the senses of smell and touch to improve physical and mental health.
  • Depending on the type of essential oil used, the effects can vary.
  • However, this type of SPA therapies must be performed by a trained professional due to the nature of essential oils and their ability to penetrate the bloodstream.


  • Wood therapy is a massage technique that uses different high-quality wooden instruments.
  • Depending on the instrument’s shape, the massage’s effect varies – anti-cellulite, draining, and stimulating.


  • Hot stone massage (geothermal therapy), together with traditional therapeutic massage with stones to the skin at different temperatures.
  • In this way, it is easier for vital energy to flow and thus alleviate physical and emotional disorders.


  • It is a technique based on the use of the colors of the solar spectrum.
  • Through chromotherapy treatments, the aim is to harmonize the chakras that contribute to the natural relief of specific ailments.
  • It is a technique that does not have side effects, which can be applied in all life stages, either alone or associated with other procedures or medications.


  • SPA therapies with therapeutic muds use clay silts to improve the state of health integrally.
  • Clay has various properties. Among them, it’s remineralizing, rebalancing, anti-inflammatory, and healing capacity stand out.
  • The trace elements and mineral salts contain the cells’ vital functions, and the skin recovers its water balance.
  • Use of therapeutic muds since ancient times due to their medicinal benefits. They use it because they soothe muscle pain, joint, and skin problems.
  • At BIO MER, we have recreated some of the most effective logotherapy treatments that combine silt properties and Mar Menor water benefits.
  • This natural treatment has high detoxifying properties.
  • And also, the mixture of mud and sea salt absorbs toxins from the peripheral connective tissue system and eliminates lymphatic toxins from the dermis.


  • It is a technique for transmitting vital energy through the laying on of hands.
  • It intends to obtain a state of peace and balance at all levels that we know however, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.


  • Gentle, slow, and repetitive hand movements to improve lymph circulation, which, in turn. And also, helps reduce inflammation and retention of organic fluids located in different parts of the body.
  • However, it also has very positive effects on our immune system as it is closely connected.


  • This technique is on the existence of reflex points in the body related to the body’s organs and glands.
  • Through the pressure of these points located throughout our body, we will provoke a reflex response in the corresponding organs.
  • And also, this technique turndown pain and tension in our body,. However, improves blood circulation and improves our nervous system.


  • It consists of applying bamboo canes on the body area that the patient requests.
  • And also, thanks to the bamboo’s friction with the skin, neuronal, circulatory, nervous, muscular actions are triggered.
  • However, this type of therapy contributes to achieving spiritual, physical, and mental peace and harmony.


  • It is for one of the definitive therapies for all those who seek balance in their spirit.
  • For those who do not know it, this therapy focuses on using nine essential oils.
  • However,  their purest state that inhales to increase mental health, physical health, and emotional health, reaching restore balance, positively influencing the body.


  • We use treatment as a base different types of fermented and unfermented grapes mixed with wine and oils derived from this fruit.
  • And also, we apply as thermal baths, sweat wraps, massages, exfoliations, and peels. It has therapeutic and aesthetic purposes.
  • However, with this option, you can achieve beautiful and radiant skin.


  • Firstly, I am using a series of massage techniques for therapeutic and relaxation purposes.
  • Secondly, It combines with the application of natural oils in a natural environment. And also, we seek to strengthen the body harmoniously and methodically. The massage is individual.

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