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What is Walking with Weight? – Definition, 9 Types of Exercises

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Walking with Weight Definition

Walking with Weight when we think about doing physical exercise, a race, a gym, or a tennis court comes to mind.

But we tend to forget the most basic of all our movements walking. When we walk, we burn fewer calories than with other more intense exercises.

But we will significantly improve our physical strength if we get used to taking a daily walk.

It is enough to walk regularly and ordinarily, although better. And if we have a fast pace for our body to notice a significant improvement.

What are the Different Exercises Walking with Weight?

The trainer recommends starting your weekly workout with a series of exercises to strengthen your upper body (the one that exercises the least during walks).

And they suggest getting some small dumbbells, between one and two kilos, and doing these exercises. Do it two or three sets of 8 to 15 repetitions of each exercise.

1.  Squats

  • Holding a dumbbell in each hand with your arms bent, place your feet at shoulder height and lower and raise your torso, keeping your back straight.

2.  Kick the Ball

  • Lie on the ground on your backbone, and keeps your hands and feet in contact on the floor.
  • And from this position, raise one foot simulating kicking a ball, lifting your hips, and alternating each leg.

3. Dumbbell curl and press

  • You are standing on your feet shoulder-width apart. And hold the dumbbells and alternately lift your arms with an upward curl.
  • And you are bending your knee opposite your arm. The dumbbell that you are not lifting needs to remain at shoulder height.

4.  Fly Trap

  • Lie down on the floor and hold the dumbbell in your right hand. And fully bend your right knee, leaving your foot on the ground.
  • Extend your left leg on the ground at a 45-degree angle so that your inner thigh is facing up. Move your right arm at shoulder height, palm up, while moving your left leg, so they touch.
  • Meanwhile, keep your left arm flat to the ground with your palm down. Perform ten reps on each side.

5. Burn-and-Firm Training

  • Walk at a gentle pace for four minutes to warm up. Then it could do alternating the following exercises (using one minute for each).
  • It is separating the with five minutes of brisk walking when you do all of them.
  • Finish the exercise by walking at a leisurely pace for 4 minutes. It should all take no more than 45 minutes.

6. Scale Walk

  • With your arms raised, walk, lifting your knees while lowering both arms to touch them.

7. Catwalk

  • Place your hands on your hips and walk, crossing each leg from one side to the other. Rotate your trunk as you walk.

8. Clock ride

  • As if your arms and legs were the hands of a watch, walk, stretching both alternately, forming diagonal lines between the opposite arms and legs.

9. Tiptoe walk

  • Walk fast and with short steps supporting only the balls of both feet and, at the same time, moving both arms up and down. It will look like you are dancing ballet.

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