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Ways to Move Large Loads to an Apartment

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When you move large and heavy items yourself, there is a risk of getting injured. When you don’t take the help of the best movers NYC, you struggle to move large loads. There are two options for you. One is to save time, protect yourself from injury, and protect your furniture from being getting damaged, but for this, you’ll have to hire movers and pay a reasonable amount. The second option is to save money and do it yourself, but there are lots of risks involved in this option.

5 Ways to Move Large Items to an Apartment

Moving can turn out to be an awkward experience when you do it without planning. So, nofollow the below-given ways and make moving easier.

  1. Use brain to make things simple

Before you start moving, think about how to move. For example, find out how to move the refrigerator without causing damage to the doors and property. Figure out can you lift these heavy items yourself or you need the help of professionals?

Remember, if you have doubts about your ability to handle heavy items, don’t go for it. By doing this, you can cause severe damage to yourself. So, find out how you can start the process.

  1. Remove as many things as you can

You have to make the moving process more manageable, and the best way is to remove as many parts as possible. Ensure that you remove the items present in the dresser before the move. Empty the shelves and drawers and then remove them if possible. If they’re non-removable, use tape to seal them so that they don’t create problems during the move.

Furthermore, you can remove the legs, knobs, and handles of the furniture to make them lightweight. Don’t forget to label them. Otherwise, it will become difficult to assemble them. It will not only make your heavier appliances light, but it will also prevent scratches on floors and doors.

  1. Ensure that your possessions are safe

Use protective coverings to protect your furniture from getting damaged. You can use bubble wrap, pads, and furniture blankets for this task. Regardless of the effort you make to move your furniture; still, heavy furniture can be clumsy. If you want to avoid damage to other objects, create a barrier between the moving items and surrounding objects.

  1. Push heavy items instead of pulling

Do this when it’s possible because it won’t work in all situations. Pushing can be a lot easier for the body than pulling. Moreover, pulling puts extra strain on your back. If you don’t want to damage the floor or carpet, use cardboard or an old rug under the furniture.

When you add protective materials to the floor, it will prevent your floor from scratches and make pushing heavy items easier. Some efficient tools like gliders can make the pushing smooth and more effortless. Moreover, it reduces the risks as well.

  1. Ensure that you have all the essential tools

If you want to do it yourself, you might be wondering which tools can help you move heavy furniture and boxes. Some most common and essential tools are given below:

  • Lifting straps

Do you know how the pulley system works? The Pulley system can help you move a piano from the 4th floor with ease. Lifting straps act as a pulley and make the lifting of heavy items easy.

  • Furniture dolly

It’s another most crucial element for moving heavy items. The furniture dolly has four weeks, and the utility dolly has two wheels. Both these items are used for moving heavy objects. Remember, when you put items on a furniture dolly, use furniture straps to secure items.

  • Stair rollers

As the name indicates, these rollers can help you bring objects down from stairs. If there is more than one person available, then use this tool.

  • Glides

They’re the latest version of rugs and can help slide furniture across the floor. They can help you push furniture effortlessly.

What’s the alternative?

When you want to move large loads to an apartment, it won’t be easy for you. You might not have all the tools mentioned above. When you decide to buy them, it can turn out to be a massive investment. In such situations, it’s best to hire a professional moving company for lifting heavy items.

Advantages of Hiring Professional Movers for Moving Large Loads to an Apartment

  • It saves you from serious injuries
  • Saves time
  • Protects your furniture and floors from getting damaged
  • They ensure safety

Final Words

Moving is never an easy experience, and it becomes more difficult when you have to move large loads to an apartment. We have discussed both the options so you can choose one according to your budget and needs. Whatever method you choose, keep your safety as the first priority.

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