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Benefits of Drinking Coffee

by healthandbeautytimes

Good coffee has remarkable health properties. How much and of what type to consume per day.

Its consumption can prevent diseases. Although for many years, it was stigmatized and associated with some diseases.

The benefits of Caffeine confirm in scientific studies around the world in the last 20 years.

Today, even cardiologists recommend it to their patients, something unthinkable in other times

It is important to specify two essential aspects to obtain these health benefits: the quality and quantity of consumption.

Coffee beans or ground is generally much better than instant coffee.

Since the latter goes through an industrial process that includes preservatives that affect the aromatic and nutritional components.

And it is usually made with lower quality and it blends to get a much more popular price.

The nofollowing is a list of the most proven health benefits of drinking coffee

Combat premature aging

  • Rich in antioxidants, coffee fights aging.
  • Antioxidants protect the body from cell degeneration damage produced by molecules called free radicals.
  • It triples the antioxidant power of green tea or red wine.

Lowers the risk of stroke or heart disease

  • Caffeine has a vasodilator effect, causing blood to flow more fluidly through the body.
  • It does not increase your heart rate, nor does it increase blood pressure significantly.
  • And also, It decreases the likelihood of stroke or heart failure.

coffee is a source of positive energy

  • Caffeine stimulates the transmission of nerve impulses, improves alertness, increases short-term memory, coordination, and the ability to concentrate.
  • It also favors vigor and physical speed. And it enhances motivation and moods in those who consume it.

Lowers the chance of developing type 2 diabetes

  • Type 2 diabetes is the most common and occurs when the body does not produce the necessary insulin or the cells do not use the insulin.
  • Different studies have shown that coffee reduces the chances of developing this diabetes by between 25 and 50%.
  • Due to the antioxidant factors in coffee, its anti-inflammatory and thermogenic effects, and the modulation of microbial diversity it causes.

Coffee Improves asthma symptoms

  • By dilating the bronchial tubes, good coffee helps fight asthma and other common allergies.
  • Caffeine is composed of substances chemically similar to theophylline, a joint compound in medications indicated to cure asthma.
  • Caffeine use as an active substance in many drugs for respiratory conditions.

Prevents cirrhosis

  • The protective effects caffeine has on the liver in those who drink 2-4 cups of coffee per day.
    Since 1992, the medical researcher Arthur Klatsky has developed studies.
  • That confirms that those who drink coffee regularly have an 80% chance of not developing alcoholic liver cirrhosis.

Delays the onset of Alzheimer’s

  • For more than 10 years, remarkable studies have been carried out in several countries on how coffee delays neurodegenerative diseases.
  • It has been possible to detect that the effects arise from a group of compounds born in the roasting process of coffee beans, called phenylindanes.
  • In addition to reducing the risks of Alzheimer’s, they can also function as inhibitors of Parkinson’s disease.

Fight cellulite

  • Caffeine use in many creams and other anti-cellulite products.
  • As it helps to reactivate circulation, burn fat, and eradicate serous fluid that settles in muscle tissues.

Helps reduce headache

  • Coffee dilates the blood vessels of the brain, where the tension that generates the headache occurs.
  • By dilating the vessels, reduces pain and can make it go away.

Coffee is protective and digestive

  • Considered a functional food for its prebiotic effect, it feeds the bacterial flora that protects us from contracting diseases.
  • It also stimulates gastric secretion, activates bile production, and contracts the gallbladder, which makes coffee digestive when taken after meals.

Improves athletic performance

  • Coffee increases muscle capacity and promotes more significant contraction of skeletal muscles.
  • It raises the predisposition when starting physical activity.
  • Caffeine increases the number of fatty acids in the blood.
  • They allow the muscles to absorb and burn those fats for fuel, saving the body’s small carbohydrate stores for later efforts.

 coffee is a skin exfoliator

  • Some soaps are made from coffee. Its texture is special to soften rough areas of the skin, which helps to tone and make it firmer due to its detoxifying action.

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