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How to Build Muscle at Home without Gym? – Exercises and More

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Build Muscle at Home

Do you want to get fit and build muscle? Do you want to make a good impression with your body figure?

You don’t want to go to the gym for that? Then we have just the thing for you in this article.

After a long day, it is often hard to muster the strength to go to the gym. It doesn’t have to be you can also build muscle at home without going the gym.

The significant advantages: On the one hand, you are flexible in timing.

On the other hand, bodyweight exercises offer the great advantage of training several muscle groups with a single workout to build muscle at home without gym.

The small muscle groups, in particular, are usually neglected when training on machines.

The two best exercises with your body weight

1. Push-ups

  • Push-ups never go out of style, as they depend on how they are performing strain.
  • There are many different muscle groups, such as the chest muscles, shoulder muscles, triceps, and core muscles in the abdomen and back.
  • As with all other exercises, you should pay attention to the correct execution.


  • During the downward movement, attention should be paid to body tension, i.e., the back should help neither sag nor hunch back.
  • At best, the chest touches the floor before the upward movement begins.

2. Static planks

  • The supreme discipline! Hardly any other exercise demands as many muscle groups as the forearm support: the trunk, back, legs, hips, shoulder, chest, and buttocks muscles are strengthened explicitly with just one exercise.


  • The starting position is the prone position. The forearms are placed parallel to the body and about shoulder width, and the body is occupying into tension.
  • The hips and shoulders must be at the same height. The forearm support should hold for between 30 and 90 seconds.

The two best exercises with weights

1. Bicep curl

  • To train the biceps, you quickly reach your limits with your body weight, as the “arm flexor” is extremely difficult to strengthen without a pull-up bar or dumbbell.


  • Stand straight and place your legs shoulder-width apart. Dumbbell in both hands; the closed palms point forward.
  • Then the dumbbells are brought up to the torso with only the forearms moving. Caution: Avoid gaining momentum. This exercise can also be finishing with a theraband.

2. Squats

  • The good old squat as an evergreen should not be missing in any training program.
  • Performed with two dumbbells, the exercise is even more effective and is progressively aiming at building muscle.


  • Feet shoulder-width apart, a dumbbell in each hand, and move bottom towards the floor as if you were sitting on a chair.
  • The knees mustn’t protrude beyond the tips of the toes.

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