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Foot Care Products: What’s Out There?

by healthandbeautytimes

The body’s extremities — the hands and feet — are two areas of our person that need special care and attention. They bear so much of the brunt of our daily activities and feel it the most when temperature and other climatic conditions come into play. They’re therefore susceptible to a huge range of potential problems. Of the two extremities, our feet arguably bear the most burden. While our hands are more exposed, our feet are carrying the weight of our entire body through the day, and therefore are subjected to more pressure day today. Therefore, when looking for care products for your extremities, foot care products are the way to go.

What kinds of foot care products are available these days?

1. Foot Scrubs

Good foot care starts with good exfoliation. For this, some kind of foot scrub is always a good idea to help remove dead skin, moisturise the foot and keep the foot as fresh as possible. If you’re wearing socks and shoes all day, as most people do, then your feet are trapped in a kind of sweaty prison for the entire day. A lot can happen during that time and a good wash and exfoliation remove the worst of the results.

2. Nail Clippers

Besides a good foot scrub, a quality set of nail clippers is another common foot product that everyone should have. Cutting your toenails regularly and properly isn’t just a good way to prevent your socks from getting unwanted toe holes, but also important in the prevention of potentially painful ingrowing toenails. Such nails can lead not just to pain. But potentially infection, too.

3. Orthotics

These are helpful inserts that you can place into your shoes to make them more supportive and help with a huge list of health problems. Some orthotics you can buy off the shelf, but others are specially made and prescribed by a podiatrist. If you have ever experienced feelings of imbalance, pain in the feet, knees, legs, hips or lower back, it could well be because of something lacking from the support in your shoes.

4. Foot Sprays

Many people suffer from excessive foot odour problems. These are more common than people think, but also a great source of embarrassment for those people, especially if they are ever asked to remove their shoes for whatever reason. Foot sprays can be used to fight excess odours, and can be used in conjunction with odour-fighting products in shoes, too.

5. Heel Cups and Metatarsal Pads

If it’s specifically your heel or metatarsals that are experiencing discomfort when wearing shoes, but changing the shoes makes no difference, then gel cups and special pads can work wonders to care for these parts of your foot and ensure that they don’t experience any more damage.

6. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has been used around the world to help in the prevention of fungal infections, as well as to help in the elimination of foot odour. It’s quick-drying and easy to apply before one goes to bed diluted with some water or any time after one has had a shower or bath. It’s antifungal properties can get to work before any fungal infections have a chance to get hold.

7. Foot Rollers

Orthotics, pads and gel cups are great for supporting the feet when you’ve got shoes and other footwear on, but you also need ways to take care of the feet when the shoes come off. Rollers are a great way to do that, and come in various shapes and sizes. They relax and release the foot muscles after a long day of walking and get them back into a healthier and more balanced state.

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