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What is High Protein Foods? – Definition,15 Types of High Protein Foods

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High Protein Foods Definition

The High Protein Foods play a fundamental role in life, as they help to strengthen bones and muscles, strengthen the immune system.

Proteins, along with fats and carbohydrates, are part of the set of macronutrients essential for the functioning and development of our body.

And also, it provides energy, regulates the activity and function of cells.

It maintains and repairs tissues that are responsible for the formation of digestive juices, hormones, hemoglobin, enzymes, and vitamins.

What are the 15 Types of High Protein Foods?

High protein foods can be of animal origin and plant origin. We now present our particular top 15 high protein foods:

Salted cod

  • An authentic source of protein as approximately 75 grams of every 100 of salted cod are of this element. A small loin of baked codfish can be a perfect source of protein for a typical day.


  • It is the legume with the most protein (30 grams per every 1000) and is perfect for consuming in salads or as a side to hundreds of dishes.


  • In addition to being delicious, beef has about 22 grams out of 100 protein. A grilled steak accompanied by potatoes and salad can be a great option to cover your daily protein intake.


  • The perfect motive to eat prawns (24 grams per 100 and barely any fat). Without a doubt, a good source of animal protein.

Almonds and pistachios

  • The influence of vegetable protein can also be used as a mid-afternoon snack or snack to take care of the line. It contains around 25 grams per 100 in addition to a large amount of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Chicken or turkey breast

  • They are both lean meats that have about 22 grams per 100 of protein, without fat and perfect for making delicious recipes such as chicken breasts with honey and lemon.

Fresh tuna

  • Like other varieties of fish such as salmon or sea bass, tuna contains more than 20 grams of protein out of 100 grams of the product—tasty and very healthy fish.


  • The saying of if you want the shots and if you do not leave them will no longer be valid because they contain up to 23% protein and should be essential in your diet.

Pork loin

  • A delicious option is to ingest the necessary proteins and indulge ourselves at the same time as they contain nothing more and less than 32 grams of protein per 100 grams of the cured loin.


  • And finally, we present to you the queen of protein foods, since gelatin contains more than 80 grams of protein out of 100 grams of the product.

Cottage cheese

  • Cottage cheese is a kind of cheese that contains a lot of normal version fat. However, the light version highly suggests as it is a food with a high content of a type of protein called casein.

Greek yogurt

  • Greek yogurt is good for developing muscle mass while improving your basal metabolism to burn fats when you rest. It is high in calcium and vitamin D.

Lean pork

  • Pork frequently has a lot of saturated fat, which is an unhealthy fat. Therefore, a good substitute is to consume lean pork because, like any meat, it is high in proteins (20% of its calories are protein).


  • Beef is a good source of protein. Its boundless flavor makes it one of the favorite meats, but red meat should be consumable only twice a week.


  • Quinoa is a cereal that contains high protein quality, which is of high biological value. It is a complete source of amino acids, making it ideal for building muscle and burning fat.

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