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Foot care tools – Instruments you need, and Amazing Tricks

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What are the foot care tools you require?

The foot care tools we require are as given below, and we should pay attention to the instruments you need for taking care -they are similar to those of a manicure- thus avoiding irrelevant expenses.

  • Nail clipper
  • Cuticle cutter
  • Cardboard file / Steel file
  • Orange stick
  • Nailbrush
  • Cuticle oil or cream
  • File for corns and calluses or pumice stone ( Tweezerman Sole Mates Foot File & Smoother are economical and effective)
  • Foot scrub and cream (recommendations for tired or unkempt feet: H20 Plus Spa Softening Mint Foot Rub and Sally Hansen Cracked Heel Repair Creme )
  • Liquid enamel remover -kite-polish- or wipes and cotton
  • Nail base, glitter, and lacquer of your choice
  • Towel

What are the tricks to have beautiful feet using foot care tools?

To have beautiful feet, you have to pay particular care to them. We give you the tricks to get it.

1. The first thing is to remove calluses with a pumice stone or a fine-grained file

  • Firstly, always with dry skin to avoid injuries.
  • Afterward, we can refine the skin with a coarse-grained scrub, outstanding for feet, cream, or soap.
  • To prevent the callused layer from developing again, moisturize them every night with a nourishing cream, insisting on the heel’s rough areas and instep.

2. To give your nails an excellent shape and prepare them for painting

  • Gently clean them with a nail brush and then cut them straight, without trimming the edges.
  • Then smooth them out with a cardboard file.
  • Apply a hazelnut emollient cream on each one and gently brush the cuticles back with a cotton bud.

3. Remember that some colors are better for our feet than others

  • Firstly, if your fingers shoot red, avoid fuchsia and bright colors. Better choose burgundy or plum, which will reduce excess skin pigmentation by an optical effect.
  • Secondly, the skins with yellowish tones are more suited to pink tones, giving a fresher touch to the skin.
  • Forget cool shades like purple or raspberry, which accentuate the waxy look.
  • The blue feet with conspicuous veins should avoid the iridescent or striking tones that catch the eye.
  • Lastly, the French manicure is suitable for all skin types, but keep in mind that it does not last more than two or three days.

4. the lacquer must allow for rebalancing the toes’ shape depending on how it is applied

  • If your fingers are complete, paint the nail’s central part without reaching all the edges to lengthen them visually.
  • And also, if they are too long, you can pay off by putting the lacquer near the edge and along the entire length of the nail.

5. To make your lacquer’s shade last longer and guard it against possible scratch

  • The trick is to cover it with a layer of clear gloss.
  • A straightforward chip does not force you to start over. Apply a new layer of lacquer all over the nail.
  • If it rubs on edge, do not cut it; lime and gives a new coat.

6. The use of suitable footwear for each time and activity is essential to avoid complications

  • Basically, do not wear bare feet in closed shoes: they suffer a lot, wear slippers.
  • And also, sprinkle with talc before putting on your shoes, and you will avoid rubbing and blisters.
  • Prepare them to withstand the high heels and sandals that we like to wear at night.
  • If they are new, use them a little each day to get used to it.

7. Do not buy shoes, hoping that they will give

  • They should be comfortable as the first day, flexible, and allow the foot’s movement.
  • Avoid the pointed toe and very high heels. If you want to use them, do it only in special events.
  • When you show yourself, moments when you hardly walk and not when you will be shopping all day, alternate footwear allows the shoe to air out.

8. The afternoon is the best time to buy the shoes

  • It is because the foot tends to swell somewhat throughout the day.
  • And remember that you should always try on both shoes and check that they fit perfectly.

9. Protect your feet from the sun with a high index cream

  • Don’t forget to remove your shoes when you sunbathe.
  • White toes or shoe marks on the ankle are unsightly.

10. Dare to tattoo a henna flower

  • A flower or any other reason. It lasts for several days on the skin and then gradually pales until disappearing.
  • To remove the residues, take a hot bath that opens the pores and helps eliminate surface impurities.

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