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Do’s and Don’ts of Washing Face

by healthandbeautytimes

How many times is it good to wash your face a day?

When washing the face too much, you lose natural oils and fats in the skin.

Which technically will pull the skin cells apart, allowing room for debris and bacteria to enter the skin, causing infections and inflammation.

After waking up, the custom prevails to put your face in the sink to clean it and clear it up.
Experts suggest making this habit every night to achieve more beneficial results for the skin than in the morning.

If there is a routine that no one skips as a general rule, it is to get up after hours of sleep.

Go to the bathroom to wash our face, take a shower and then go to breakfast.

The order in which this daily routine does is the least of it.

But something, as accepted in our day-to-day as washing our face in the morning, can be a mistake.

Do we wash it to cleanse ourselves faster or because our skin needs us to pour water on it?

As the experts in dermatology and pharmacology explain, wet our faces, wake up, and unnecessary when it comes to the skin.

In this way, the general habit of washing our face in the morning as a hygiene action can be an insignificant and even harmful act.

Washing our face can help us clear up the grief that usually accompanies us in the first minutes of the day.

But it is not particularly healthy when it comes to our skin.

How to wash your face correctly and avoid mistakes

  • Rocío Escalante, the owner of Arbosana Farmacia, an expert in dermo-cosmetics and co-founder of Laghum Cosmetics, is also in favor of not over-washing the face.
  • They are advising that this does when it is dirty.
  • On the other hand, taking into account that the face secretes oil and sweat that dirties the skin at night.
  • It poses a challenge: “Pass a cotton ball soaked in micellar water when you get up in the morning and see how it is.”
  • In any case, whether you choose to wash your face in the morning or at night.
  • There are specific tips so that this wash is to turn on the tap and wet the face and place more emphasis on the treatment and well-being of the face.
  • The water should be lukewarm, and if you wanted an extra toning, you would have to dip a muslin in cold water and put it on your face.
  • Hot water is counterproductive because it dries a lot, just like very cold water is not recommended,” says the expert.
  • Suppose you wonder what the experts think about washing your face in the morning only with water or soap and water.
  • In that case, they both agree that if there is makeup that has not previously been removed.
  • It would be mandatory to use a soap that has the function of dragging that dirt.
  • The usual thing is to use a specific facial cleanser.
  • The choice of presentation in foam, micellar water, or another depends on personal preferences or skin types.

Pay attention to the material with which you dry your face

  • Paper, towel, and even wipes are some experts who agree that it should be with a towel or muslin.
  • Given the softness of the methods uses to dry the face.
  • However, which they have.
  • Experts suggest that it be dried “by tapping instead of rubbing” because no dermatological treatment can be solved by rubbing.
  • Nothing remove by rubbing as if our face were a dirty plate.
  • The ideal is to use a cleaner that we use with our hands, delicately, and with circular movements.
  • As the last point, the experts suggest changing the towel weekly.
  • In any case, always remember to avoid the towel with which you dry your hands.

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