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Hair Transplant Turkey Price in 2022 – Cosmedica Clinic

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The Hair transplant Turkey price is unquestionably the lowest in the entire globe. No matter the degree of hair loss, the number of grafts used, or the procedure used, Turkish hair transplant costs are lower than in any other nation. For hair transplant procedures, this is the reason why thousands of individuals travel to Turkey each year.

The hair transplant charge in turkey ranges from £1,500 to $3,500. In the UK, the price range for a hair transplant operation is between £4,000 to £20,000, though it can be significantly higher. As a result, our prices are quite low without sacrificing our high-quality standards.

A wide range of factors influences the price of hair replacement. The location of the hair transplant is an important consideration. Western countries like the US, the UK, and western Europe have substantially higher prices than other places. This is a result of the general greater cost of living and access to healthcare in these nations.

Why is turkey so cheap for hair transplants?

Turkey is renowned for offering hair transplant procedures at comparatively lower costs than other nations. However, this in no way implies that the treatments provided by their clinics might be of subpar quality. This is because prices in Turkey are lower than those in other developed nations. This enables the hair transplant clinics in Turkey to provide less expensive operations of the same or higher quality.

Even if you include lodging fees in the invoice, the price won’t be 50% of what it would be in some other nations. Therefore, many men are becoming increasingly interested in travelling to a foreign country like Turkey, which specialises in hair transplantation and treatments and getting a hair transplant there. Due to this, Turkey has become the go-to location for many individuals seeking hair restoration surgery or other aesthetic procedures.

Turkey is one of the few nations in the world where the government guarantees all healthcare services to everyone. This made it possible to open hospitals in all of Turkey’s cities throughout time and hire thousands of medical professionals to work in hospitals.

Are hair transplants in turkey safe?

You can get a trustworthy and secure hair transplant procedure performed in Turkey. The happy expressions of patients who choose Turkey as their surgery destination and its good quality reputation are the reasons behind this. Of course, a sum of factors contributes to this success, notoriety, and security, including education, expertise, and the accessibility of numerous healthcare options.

The second factor contributing to the safety of hair transplant procedures in Turkey is medical education in the subject. To perform a surgery, you must be a specialist, and the restrictions are so rigorous that no one can break them. As a result, the education that students or doctors seeking to become specialists receive difficult enough to say that roughly half of the applicants are eliminated throughout their studies.

Why is turkey so good at hair transplants?

They can be found all across Istanbul. I’m referring to the males with red dots on their heads, indicating that they recently underwent a hair-transplant procedure. They are on their way to becoming the distinguishing feature of popular shopping areas in Istanbul.

According to the Global Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, 923,599 hair restoration treatments were performed worldwide in 2010, creating a 1.88 billion dollar business. Turkey is unquestionably one of the strongest competitors in the market. So what is the cause of Turkey’s inevitable growth in the hair transplant industry? Here are the top 4 benefits of having a hair transplant in Turkey.

1. Use Advanced techniques

In Turkey, doctors use the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) procedure because it has little post-op discomfort, leaves no visible scars, has a quicker healing time, and doesn’t require scalpels or staples, or sutures. Follicular units are extracted individually from the patient’s donor area and transplanted one at a time to the extent that it is thinning. In contrast, the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) approach calls for skin removal.

2. High excellence in every aspect

Due to the intense rivalry in the Turkish healthcare market, clinics are constantly enhancing their operations to provide patients with the finest care possible.

3. comprehensive packages

Due to the clinics’ fierce competitiveness, there isn’t much to say about the amenities they offer. They provide their patients with complimentary plane travel, accommodation at upscale hotels, and more.

4. Experience surgeons

Hair repair has always been popular in Turkey. As a result, numerous surgeons have extensive training and access to cutting-edge medical tools and procedures.

How much do 4000 hair grafts cost in Turkey

For 4000 grafts, a hair transplant in Turkey is anticipated to cost between $1,500 and $3,500. Turkey has a much smaller variety of costs than other parts of the world.

Is one hair transplant enough?

Hair Transplant Turkey Price in 2022 - Cosmedica Clinic


Some individuals may have a tiny opening at the front hairline or crown area due to hair loss issues. The individual in this situation doesn’t require a lot of hair follicles. For those who have only experienced a modest regression of the anterior hairline, even 1,000 grafts might be sufficient. Therefore, with already outstanding outcomes, one hair transplant is adequate.

Under typical conditions, even for severe hair loss, one hair transplant procedure with a qualified team is sufficient for successful outcomes. However, complications nofollowing the procedure can necessitate a second hair transplant.

The patients’ dissatisfaction with the hairline generated during the initial treatment is the most frequent justification for undergoing a second hair transplant. Similarly, you might ask for a double hair transplant if the previous one did not cover the desired area completely.

Why cosmedica clinic?


Internationally, Dr. Levent Acar is considered Turkey’s top hair transplant surgeon. In more than 16 years, he and his medical staff have completed over 20,000 hair transplants. He is conversant in English.

Various preventive therapies, including shampoo, tablets, lotions, and other products, are frequently used by people to try to remedy their hair loss concerns. In the early phases of the ailment, those who experience hair loss often turn to these treatments. Sadly, these strategies don’t work.

Additionally, losing hair frequently results in a person’s mental and emotional well-being. A hair transplant is a quick and very efficient technique to solve such issues. At Cosmedica’s hair transplant clinic in Turkey, candidates for hair transplants can put their anxieties about hair loss to rest with just one procedure.

Hair transplantation is a successful procedure that will forever enhance your hair and appearance. The most modern and skilled hair restoration facilities are found in Turkey. Lots of people from all over the world have chosen Turkey in recent years for their hair transplants.

Dr. Acar of Cosmedica Clinic provides top-notch hair transplants in Istanbul, a historical metropolis at the confluence of Europe and Asia. Anyone who has hair loss and wants to receive treatment at one of the greatest hair transplant clinics in the world should choose this since the prices are unparalleled for the value.

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