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Which is the Healthiest Honey? – 12 Types of Healthiest Honey

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Healthiest honey is a sweet and viscous food made by honey bees from the nectar of flowers or some secretions of plants or certain insects.

Bees take the nectar or secretions, combine them with substances produced by themselves and make honey, accumulated in the combs.

Honey is mono floral or multi-floral. It depends on whether the bees collect most of the nectar from a single type of flower or several flowers, respectively.

And honey is founded the non-floral secretions of individual plants or the excretions of insects it feeds the sap of the plants is called honeydew.

How Many Types of Healthiest Honey?

1. Linden Honey

  • The linden honey is light, and it is transparent color, and its flavor is quite sweet.
  • Its use to treat the symptoms of colds and flu.
  • In cases of flu, it increases sweating if it is taken hot and mixed with lemon.

2. Floral Honey

  • Floral is also known as meadow or multi-floral honey because it pollens from different flower species. It depends on the bees and hives are found. The aroma is strong and its flavor.
  • And also, Its use to improve our defenses ( immune system ).
  • Soothe the symptoms of seasonal allergies.

3. Acacia Honey

  • Acacia honey is just light color, and the taste is sweet. And it is not recommended for children under one year of age.

4. Buckwheat Honey

  • Buckwheat honey is the darkest of all, and its flavor is a bit spicy. Its properties are very beneficial for health.
  • And also a large number of antioxidants and minerals.
  • It Improves cough in children.

5. Sage Honey

  • Sage honey is usually yellow with some green tinge. The benefits it brings to our health are significant.
  • Treat respiratory problems like coughing.
  • It serves to strengthen the immune system.

6. Chestnut Honey

  • Its characteristic color, brownish red, makes it unique and striking.
  • It is a relatively strong flavor and offers the nofollowing benefits.
  • And also, it is extra homemade toothpaste. It helps to prevent tartar.

7. Jerusalem Thorn Honey

  • Jerusalem thorn honey is yellow. It gives Strengthens the immune system.
  • It gives relieves respiratory problems.

8. Mountain honey

  • Many medicinal properties because the raw material is the uncontaminated herbs of the mountains.
    It helps soothe a sore throat.

9. Lavender Honey

  • Lavender honey is highly scented, and its intense flavor. Without a doubt, it is one of the types of honey, the smell of lavender, and we will love it.
  • It helps us to relax thanks to the power of honey and the intense aroma of lavender.

10. Hawthorn Honey

  • Hawthorn, the other type of honey, is brownish, and its flavor is quite spicy. But it also several magnetic properties.
  • Its use for its calming effect.

11. Evodia Honey

  • Its high nutritional value makes it an excellent ingredient for maintaining good health.

12. Calluna Honey

  • Its dark yellow color with a pleasant flavor makes it an ideal choice for children.
  • And also, it helps soothe sore throats.
  • It allows us to calm the cough.

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