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How to Detox your Body – Effects, Lemon juice cure, Cider Vinegar Cure, and More

by healthandbeautytimes

Why and when to detoxify your body?

Autumn and spring are the ideal seasons to detox your body naturally because summer and winter are the seasons for accumulating toxins.

In summer, barbecues, aperitifs, alcohol and ice cream are often synonymous with a concentration of saturated fats and rapid sugars over a brief period.

Hence the fatigue often felt at the start of the school year, with a few pounds taken in the process.

In winter, we sometimes eat fatter (long live the raclette!), More in quantities, and the cold also often significantly reduces our motivation to the go-to sport.

In addition to saturating our elimination organs, these excesses also promote weight gain.

What are the effects of toxins on the body?

Excess toxins felt in different ways.

It can be manifest by fatigue, irritability, skin problems such as acne or red dots that are swollen and painful to the touch.

ENT congestion (feeling of a stuffy nose, mucus coming from the nose or lungs ), digestive disorders, migraines, joint pain or physical pain.

An excellent example of the painful manifestation of toxins in the body is Knap Points. Knap points are sore spots located in certain parts of the body, many in the back.

These are points of muscle congestion, tension but also a concentration of toxins and waste.

How to detoxify your body?

Detoxify your body by following a detox cure and resuming good eating habits. It is to stimulate the organs in charge of eliminations, called emunctories.

Our main organ of elimination is the liver. It is the largest of the internal organs and the heaviest.

It has no less than 400 functions, but its primary role is to filter the blood. In terms of toxins, it is responsible for neutralizing, recycling or eliminating them.

Alcohol, tobacco, lactic acid when you play sports, drugs or all products from digestion, everything goes through him. It is, therefore, above all he that we will seek to stimulate.

The first cure that I propose to you because it is the simplest, it is the easy way to detox your body.

Lemon juice cure

When you wake up, squeeze half a lemon mixed with lukewarm water. Lemon should be organic to avoid pesticide residues.

Lukewarm water should be lukewarm to get closer to body temperature. Avoid cold or hot water and wait about fifteen minutes before eating or drinking anything.

This cure is to do for three weeks. Lemon will not only promote elimination, but it will also stimulate the production of bile and thus encourage the digestion of fats.

Cider Vinegar Cure

It is take in the same way as the lemon juice cure.

A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, organic and unfiltered, to be diluted in a glass of lukewarm water every morning on an empty stomach for three weeks.

The vinegar can also be diluted in a litre of water, combined with a whole squeezed lemon, and drunk throughout the day.

The juice cure

I offer two detox juice recipes:

The first juice consists of an apple, a beet or carrots, half a cucumber, squeezed lemon juice and a piece of ginger (between 5 and 15g) for its anti-inflammatory properties.

It is because an excess of toxins that are deposited somewhere in the body often creates inflammation.

The 2nd juice consists of cucumber, spinach leaves, an apple and half a lemon juice.

The mono-diet

The mono diet consists of eating only one food in a day, knowing that tit.

The ideal is to go up to 3 days of mono-diet by changing food, but the goal is to do good for your body, so don’t force yourself to do something if you don’t feel it.

Even a one-diet meal in the evening is a good start. You can do this mono-diet once a week for as long as you think is necessary.

In terms of food, you can choose fruit, such as an apple—a vegetable like a carrot.

Any food chosen must be organic to avoid pesticides, especially as apples and carrots are full of pesticides.

It would be counterproductive to bring in toxins while we are trying to justify getting rid of them.

It is also likely to opt for several fruits or several different vegetables in a day, with herbs and spices if you wish and varying the forms: raw, cooked, in juice but without associated fat intake.

Digestion must be as fluid as possible.

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