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Storing Makeup in Bathroom – Great Ideas for storing makeup in bathroom space

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Check out these fantastic ideas to store your makeup in the bathroom once and for all, gaining comfort and style.

  • Storing makeup in the bathroom is amazing, whether you have your dressing table or put on makeup in the bathroom, surely among these ideas.
  • You can find one that fits your area and the amount of makeup you have!
  • And also, have a look at these great ideas to store your makeup once and for all and gain style and assurance:

1. Choose an acrylic storing product

  • Storing makeup in the bathroom is a very aesthetic option, which will look good in any space.
  • With the acrylic organizers, you have everything in order and sight to easily find each product.
  • However, you can see that these organizers come in many sizes, shapes, and styles, adapting to different products and available space.
  • Although it is a more elegant solution than others, it is a very aesthetic and functional option.

2. Reuse office organizers

  • Indeed in many decoration houses, you have seen adorable desk organizers because we have good news.
  • You can also use them to organize your makeup without buying new ones.
  • The drawers and containers they have are ideal for keeping your collection organized and close at hand.

3. Use glass jars

  • An ecological and economical idea of organizing your makeup uses glass jars for candles or food.
  • Basically, you can even decorate in a DIY way to integrate them into your space style.
  • You can use each jar for a different product and achieve a very friendly and organized table.

4. Look for different decorative objects

  • In this idea, you can use candle jars, pencils, trays, and any other decorative object that you see in stores or even in vintage stores.
  • In this way, you can integrate elements with a lot of design and add functionality to them.

5. Choose cups of the same style

  • If you are into collecting mugs or having a lot in the kitchen, you can use some to organize your makeup and brushes.
  • If they are mugs of the same style, much better, they will give a unified look.

6. Organize with boxes

  • You can buy acrylic or cardboard boxes of different sizes or reuse boxes at home to store all your makeup.
  • It is a straightforward way to organize since you can allocate each box to a particular product, and you will know where each product is.

7. Use trays to organize your makeup

  • Trays are widely used in decoration to give the feeling that everything that we support on a surface is in some way organizing it.
  • Conclusion this concept can also be useful for makeup products that you can have them inside a tray and look neat.

8. Take advantage of the drawer

  • If you have a drawer dedicated to your makeup, use acrylic organizers, make the most of it.
  • And also, you can look for low-cost ones to keep everything in its place inside the drawer.
  • With this fantastic design, you will no longer have to go through the entire drawer searching for that lipstick, but you will know precisely in which section to look.

9. Display your makeup on shelves

  • When you run out of space, you must resort to the walls to organize, but with this idea.
  • You also expose your makeup and its beautiful packaging.
  • You can create custom shelves with wood or use this acrylic element that is originally to store enamels.
  • It is a high-quality idea to have all the makeup in sight and easily accessible and organized and beautiful, taking up very little space.

10. Hide everything in baskets

  • If you want to achieve a minimalist and completely stripped space, you can resort to some baskets to store all your makeup.
  • Inside the baskets, you can use some organizer or separator to divide the products by categories, as you would in a drawer.

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