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How to market your medical coding business?

by healthandbeautytimes

The medical coding careers have skyrocketed with the integration of technology in the market. Streamlining documentation has fetched many hospitals and clinics incremented profit because of saved time and improved efficiency. Healthcare organizations either approach a medical coder or opt for outsourced coding services via a medical coding company.

In 2020, the market size of medical coding industries was valued at $15,000 million and was estimated to surge at a CAGR of 10.93 per cent. This has resulted in individuals capitalizing through the medical coding and billing industry.

While the target audience may be small, marketing the business correctly is essential. Let’s deep-dive into effective methodologies for marketing your medical coding business.

Here is how to market your business

Seek your potential customers

Accommodation and collection of all the materials are the groundwork of effective marketing. The potential and active customers who utilize the medical and billing services become the target audience. The objective is to convert and retain them for the long run.

Market research comprises collecting details of all the potential customers you want to render your services to. One can filter it depending on the location and healthcare organization type they are targeting. Since hospitals and clinics have a busy work environment, it is advisable to keep the offering concise but impactful. Some key strategies for carrying out the same are stated below.

  • A brochure containing all the nitty-gritty such as business information, credentials and the proposed rates
  • Business cards that imbibe an uncomplicated method of CTA
  • An eye-catching logo that can be printed on the offering material to generate brand visibility

Sales call and digital marketing

The digital boom has shifted the entire functioning online. This introduced the concept of digital marketing. A strong online presence can go a long way to elongate the list of hospitals that require your services. The best way to market the services is by launching a website along with social media presence. Including testimonials, ratings and reviews increase the authenticity of the brand.

Sales calls are a great strategy for converting potential prospects into clients. This is where market research comes in handy. The contact information is used as a medium to pitch the hospital or clinics. The converting rate for the same is very prominent.

Traditional marketing methods

While the traditional marketing methods might be considered primitive, it is highly effective. Cold-calling, landing clients through referrals and showing up at the clinic post-call are some classic strategies. These assist in building a solid client relationship. It is important to understand that tactics like cold-calling and broadcasting might be efficient, but it is important not to be pushy.

Another effective marketing strategy is to drop by at the clinic or hospital with some valuable freebies a few days after the sales call. This inculcates authenticity and builds trust. Engaging in meaningful conversations with the managers and hospital staff can turn the organization into a long-term client that is highly profitable for the business.

Keep up with the trends

Technological advancements lead to a consistent change in the healthcare industry. These trends affect the medical coding and billing sectors. Being well-versed in the new tools and coding systems that integrate into this sector is the biggest factor. For example, ICD-11 is the rage for the medical coding industry in 2022. Accordingly, coding companies with pertinent certification do witness higher demand than those using ICD-10.

The segregating factor in a technical market is how fresh the tools and resources are. Integration of the latest technologies is a strategy that helps a business market itself.

The content becomes the niche

Focusing only on specific areas of healthcare eliminates the requirement of knowing a large volume of billing codes. It also helps business expertise in particular areas, which allows them to attain higher-paying clients of that niche. Some examples of single-speciality areas for billing and medical coding are – Dentists, mental health organizations, cardiologists and so on.

An excellent way of marketing the business is by giving credibility to the content. With the rise of digital marketing, generating higher brand visibility is attainable by using the content that is posted on the website or the social media handle. Delivering content based on the single-speciality area assists in leading to prospects of that industry. In this way, the content becomes niche for the business.


You may have the latest technology and a reliable set of medical coders, but the primary way of incurring profits is by correctly marketing your medical coding business.

It is necessary to pitch the right material to potential clients. An effective method of marketing is by making it all about the clients while pointing out the benefits of outsourcing medical coders such as – reduced administrative work, value addition, improved revenue cycle procedure, increased productivity and so on.

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