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What is Nursing Care Process? – Definition, Process, Elements

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Nursing Care Process Definition

Basically, The Nursing Care Process (PAE) applies the scientific method in healthcare practice that allows professionals to provide patient care. And the family and the community in a structured, homogeneous, logical, and systematic way.

And nursing Care Process is considered the basis of our profession’s exercise since it applies the scientific method to nursing practice. The way by which knowledge applies to professional practice.

The practice of care is changing throughout history. And also it has gone from being considered as an art to developing its conceptual framework.

Nursing care has had a significant development in recent years with the establishment of Procedures, Protocols, and Care Plans.

And also this professionalization of care with activities carried out by nursing responds to a specific health need in all fields promotion, treatment, and prevention.

The organization of human resources in health services is not a mere fact of health management but rather contemplates a philosophy of care.

What are the best Recognized for Nursing Care Process?

1. Functional

  • This task-based care characterizes in that the set of tasks distributes to all nursing staff.

2. Progressive Care

  • It characterizes the fact that patients distribute according to their severity and change units according to their evolution; this type of care does not provide continuity in care.

3. Global

  • Or per-patient care characterized in that the work carries out as a team with a nursing assistant and takes care of a certain number of patients.

4. Comprehensive Care

  • It characterizes in that the nurse is responsible for the care that a patient needs from admission to discharge. In practice, at this time, we are working with the Comprehensive Care Plans.
  • This philosophy of care was born in the seventies and considered the care of the individual, family, and community in its integral aspect (bio-psychosocial).
  • All these revolutionary changes in nursing practice have achieved benefits for patients who perceive an increase in care quality.
  • And for professionals, since their level of motivation, competence, and, of course, their responsibility has increased. A synonym of caregiving action the nursing activity, and we could define nursing activity.
  • And also the set of physical and verbal, and mental acts planned by the nurse and executed by one or more caregiving staff members in response to specific health needs.
  • And also the activities classify into three groups.

1. Autonomous Activities

  • Firstly it is within the diagnosis and nursing treatment.

2. Derivative Activities

  • Secondly it carries out at the request of other professionals.

3. Support Activities

  • Lastly it aimed at facilitating care work. It Protocolizing nursing techniques and activities will be of interest to us to unify those action criteria that will serve as a basis when developing the Care Plans.

What is the Series of Elements for Care Model?

1. Health Status

  • Firstly, it is the one that gives the human being the highest level of independence. And also it increases the quality of life concerning their health and allows them to work with maximum effectiveness.

2. Environment

  • Secondly, it is the set of external conditions that influence the state of health and development of the individual.

3. Professional Role

  • Lastly, the nurse supplies or helps the individual to carry out the activities necessary to achieve their health, such as Substitution in severe illness, unconsciousness, newborns, etc.

4. Help

  • And for hospital and home care treatments etc.

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