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oral health write for us

Oral Health  Write For Us

oral health write for usOral Health most common oral diseases affect the teeth (tooth decay) and the gums (periodontal disease). And Oral infections can destroy the mouth’s tissues and lead to irreversible physical and mental impairment (NACDH 2012). Loss of teeth can affect the mouth’s functionality, making it difficult to chew and swallow, which in turn can affect diet. A poor diet can affect overall health and exacerbate existing health problems (NACDH 2012). Poor oral health is also associated with many chronic diseases, including stroke and cardiovascular disease (DHSV 2011) (Figure 1).

Certain groups are at a higher risk of poor oral health.

The National Oral Health Plan identifies four priority populations whose oral health is worse than that of the general population and who face barriers to accessing dental care, whether in the public or private sector.  And also, Currently, state and territory governments provide most public dental services, and access is primarily intended for low-income individuals or license cardholders. And also, Admission requirements may vary by state and territory (AIHW 2018).

Why is oral health different in Australia?

People in some states and territories tend to have poorer oral health than others. Therefore,  For example, the National Children’s Oral Health Survey found that the prevalence of decay in primary teeth in children in the Northern Territory and Queensland was significantly higher than in all other states and territories (Do & Spencer, 2016).  And also, As described above, oral health is influenced by a complex interaction of factors. These factors should be considered when analyzing the results by state and territory. For example:

all people living in the Northern Territory lived in outer, remote, or very remote regional areas, while the majority of Victoria’s population lived in large cities in 2016 (ABS 2018a)

The Northern Territory has the highest percentage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islands in Australia (26% of the population), much higher than the nearby state of Tasmania (4.6% of the population). population) (ABS 2017)

Tasmania has the highest proportion of people living in lower socioeconomic areas (37%) (see Technical Notes for an explanation from SEIFA) (ABS 2018b).

The observed differences in oral health among state and territory populations can also be explained by differences in dental care funding, benefit patterns, and care conditions across states and territories. Therefore, AIHW 2018). Oral hygiene campaigns and recommendations can also have an impact. For example, the supply of fluoridated water to Queensland has declined since the Queensland government passed the decision on fluoridating the state’s water supply to local governments in 2012, despite evidence that access to fluoridated drinking water reduces tooth decay (Queensland Health 2015; Therefore, NHMRC 2017).

Oral hygiene

One of the most significant oral health problems today is tooth decay and periodontal disease. Therefore, oral health is crucial as it indicates the person’s general health, as health is the biopsychosocial balance of the human body as a whole outside of the mouth.

However, We need healthy, functional, and comfortable dentures that allow people to play a shared social role and emphasize that it is an integral part of health and life. Can lose weight.

For this reason, the oral cavity helps protect the body during chewing and swallowing, promotes good oral health, self-esteem, self-expression, communication, and facial aesthetics.

Therefore,  Institute of Health creates the oral hygiene program through the Department of Dentistry, the aim of which is to maintain oral health and reduce oral diseases in the population through the establishment programs; Monitoring of policies, strategies, and concrete measures to promote, prevent and limit damage; And also,  assess the state of oral health for improvement and improvement taking into account the equity, ethics, quality and effectiveness of oral health care within the framework of comprehensive health care.

Therefore,  role of the dentistry department is to monitor compliance with the oral hygiene program and verify that the regulations are correctly implemented and respected.

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