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Organic Food Write for Us, Contribute, Advertise With Us, Guest Posts, And Submit Posts.

by Shashi Teja

In the organic production of food, the natural biological cycles of production, flora, and fauna of the soil, plants, and animals interact, which allows maintaining the genetic diversity of the productive system and its environment, promoting sustainability and progressing towards a socially just and ecologically responsible production and processing chain.

What Is Organic Food?

Organic Food

Vegetable and animal products or their derivatives, which are produced with natural substances and without using pesticides or artificial fertilizers, among other chemicals, are known as organic.

Organic production is based on ecology, health, equity, and precaution principles. It should be noted that it contributes to the conservation of the environment by helping to reduce chemical contamination of water, soil, and atmosphere. Likewise, it favors our health by providing us with very high-quality food.

The most organic products produced in Mexico are coffee, corn, avocado, alfalfa, beans, agave, sorghum, sesame, grass, mango, lemon, banana, chickpea, and coconut.

They are also called ecological or biological products, they are vegetable products, animals or their derivatives and today, there are also organic personal care products such as creams and soaps. The products are produced and made with natural substances, in many cases by hand, in other cases, in an industrial way. Today these types of products are in high demand in the market; the reasons are several; the first is related to health since they represent foods with high nutritional value because they have high values of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins for producers.

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