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What are Stem Cells Skincare? – Definition, 2 Types of Stem Cells Skincare

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Stem Cells Skincare Definition

Basically, stem cell skincare is the fundamental pillar of the cell renewal process, and protection is essential.

And also, the three common characteristics are self-renewal, undifferentiation, and derivation of any mature cell.

Firstly, The heritage (in the case of adult stem cells) It individuals regenerate cells throughout life. Stem cells regenerate tissues into compatible individuals of the same species.

Secondly, it is called “stem cells” from the English “stem cells.” Then multiply, the mitotic divisions give rise to the other identical stem cells and differentiate in various types of specialized cells.

Lastly, the term “stem cells” in cosmetic technology refers mainly to active ingredients of plant origin, rich in polyphenols, such as resveratrol and luteolin, or peptides capable of activates cell metabolism.

What are the Types of Stem Cells Skincare?

  • The two types of stem cells in skincare embryonic stem cells, found in blast cells. And it grows and differentiates into one of the 200 types of cells it makes up the human body.
  • And the other type of adult stem cells located in tissues. It also maintains average “turnover” or replacement of regenerative organs, such as skin and blood.

1. Epidermal Stem Cells

  • Epidermal stem cells the basal skin cells and the heritage of this organ to replace old cells. And also, it unlimited capacity renewal.
  • And, it divides in the cells identical themselves.  The mechanism allowed keeps the population stable.
  • These stem cells also maintain the balance of cells within the epidermis (outer layer of the skin) and regenerate damaged tissue throughout the skin.
  • In the dermis (middle layer), stem cells maintain normal function and regeneration of damaged skin.
  • And, its cells are limited life and it, stress and age decrease activity and numbers. They explain one of the causes of skin aging.
  • It envisioned the use reconstruction of tissues from blood and the umbilical cord, or stem cells from different tissues.

2. In-Cosmetics

  • Plant stem cells currently used in cosmetics. And also, it particularity conserving youth.
  • In the current market, all kinds of cosmetics made with active plant stem cells. And it extracted the Swiss apples very rich in phytonutrients and long-lived cells.
  • And also, the rind of the grape and the root of the Polygonum Cuspidatum, Chinese medicinal plant.
  • The common in  plants the presence  flavonoid called resveratrol, known and use in cosmetics and its, potent antioxidant activity and anti-inflammatory capacity.
  • The components they contain delay cellular ageing (they are anti-wrinkle), protect against oxidative stress, repair cellular DNA produced sun damage and fight chronological ageing.
  • It maintains and prolongs proliferative activity and help keep the vitality of epidermal stem cells.
  • And, it already talk about products  made with fat cells extracted from people make the cream.
  • And also, other treatments, it is very likely the trend will spread other countries in a short time.

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