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Wellness For Two: The Best Spa Treatments For Couples

by healthandbeautytimes

Going to a spa and getting treatments has long been thought of as a female-centric activity, but recent data has revealed that an increasing number of men are getting various treatments to look after their wellbeing. According to the International Spa Association, 50 percent of spa customers in 2019 were male, and spas are now evolving to accommodate male customers with a partner or spouse. Having a spa treatment with your loved one can be a great way to strengthen your bond, and it also enables you both to pursue wellness in a relaxing way. If you’re thinking about visiting a spa or going on a spa getaway with your partner, then check out these spa treatments for couples, which are sure to enhance your overall wellbeing.

Couples massage

One of the most popular services that are offered on spa menus is the couples massage. Depending on the spa, you can have a massage in the same room, or in different rooms at the same time. Not only is it the perfect date night activity, but it can also help to improve mood and your relationship. A massage can help to alleviate stress and tension, and it stimulates dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin hormone production, which can make both of you feel more relaxed and happy. Moreover, this romantic self-care experience allows you to feel connected to each other, and experience tranquility in the presence of a loved one. For your first couples massage, book an hour-long session of a Swedish, shiatsu, or deep tissue massage. You can have the same treatment, or go for different ones if you prefer different massage styles and pressure.

Aphrodisiac aromatherapy

Sure, you can take a romantic bath at home, but there’s something special about having a spa treatment with your partner where you soak in a tub after getting a detox dry brushing treatment or a full body exfoliation. An aphrodisiac aromatherapy treatment or soak involves sitting in an indoor or outdoor tub filled with warm water and aphrodisiac oils such as ylang ylang, sandalwood, vanilla or rose. These oils used to calm and relieve tension, and they can enhance sensuality and arousal, making this type of treatment a must for couples who’d like to spice things up.

Mud treatment

For couples who would like to spend time together but aren’t comfortable with the idea of being touched by a therapist, try having a mud treatment, also known as a rasul. This traditional Arabian-inspired health treatment involves applying spa mud to your face and body, and then relaxing in a steam room to activate the mud’s skin nourishing and detoxing properties. After 20 minutes, you and your loved one can rinse the mud off and enjoy a beverage and some light snacks. This is a good treatment to have as a couple, as it gives you time to talk in a relaxing environment, and you can have fun applying the mud on each other.

Spa treatments can benefit a couple’s wellbeing and strengthen bonds at the same time. Try these spa treatments and experience wellness, romance and healing with your loved one.

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