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Protection from online dangers has become quite a concern for parents. But with passing days, it is becoming more and more difficult. Particularly when it comes to teens, they would do everything to hide their activities from their parents. The activities can be harmful to them in the longer run.

Teen energy does not consider the limits that keep one safe and secure within a shell. They want to surpass every boundary stopping them. To be honest, we cannot quite blame them for it.

As per developmental psychologists, during adolescence, a child has the most invincible energy. Thus, they are more prone to encountering certain accidents or mishaps. So, you can say it is natural.

But that doesn’t mean we cannot do anything about it. An FamilyTime android parental control app can help you control the activities of your children. So that, in the pursuit of exploring themselves, they do not end up facing some loss or irreparable damage.

Teens don’t really know what is good for them and what is not. But you, as a parent, do know. It is important that you keep a check on their online activities so that you can guide them for the better.

Here is what they do to hide their activities from you.

1. Fake Accounts

This one is quite famous among teens. They are always smarter than you when it comes to tricking you online. The reason is simple, they are the generation of technology. So, they understand it better than you.

When you use your ways to check their activities on social media accounts, a most concerning point for parents, they do not like it. They make other accounts using some different names and hide their social media secret from you.

2. Decoy Apps

The apps with names like ‘vault’, ‘calculator’, etc. might not really be what they sound like. Behind such names, people are using such apps to keep secrets from others. Now, when you check such apps on your kids’ phones, you will most probably have to enter a password. And when it is so, the maximum chance is it is a decoy app.

Now, we completely understand it is not good to check your kids’ phones like this. But there is a way for it to manage your teens so they are safe from and for society.

3. Using Proxies

Another trend among teenagers. They can use proxies to get access to forbidden material and adult content. Many parental apps allow you to block unwanted content from their systems. But the security is not strong enough to protect against proxies, most of the time.

If your child is using proxies, it means they are into some content that you would not allow them to watch. So, that is the point when you know they have to be monitored. You can talk to your child about it, first of all. And if they do not tell you, use some other ways after taking them in confidence.

What Can You Do About It?   

As said earlier, teens are not good decision-makers for themselves. They make themselves a part of situations that might be not good for them or others.

You cannot leave it like this. Keep in view that a number of children of this age are involved in bullying and many are a victim of it.

Make sure your kid is not any of them. Also, it is your responsibility to make sure your child is not a part of any illegal or immoral act that is affecting others. Along with that, taking care of what kind of content they are interested in is important. Social media accounts tell a lot about online. So, how to keep a check on them?

Android parental control app like FamilyTime allows you to:

Android parental control app

  • Watch their activities on social media and other apps
  • Block adult content on their devices
  • Schedule their social media and mobile phone usage
  • Block devices immediately when noticing some illegal activity
  • Put strong filters on the internet that do not allow web scrolling even in the presence of proxies

There is a lot more than just these features that empower parents of today. You can check FamilyTime’s official website to know the rest of the details. Stay happy and keep your kids safe!

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