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Is washing hair with Hot Water Preferable? – Pros and Cons, and Better Ways to wash hair

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Washing hair with Hot Water is preferable or not?

  • Washing hair with hot water determines the hair health and wellness, and specialists recommend that the water temperature be lower than the body temperature.
  • In this way, we maintain a balance that prevents irritation and other dermatological problems.
  • You should take many factors before exposing your hair to each wash, and today we will reveal the pros and cons of one of the most important is the temperature of the water.

Is hot water bad for hair health?

  • Washing hair with hot water does not pose a risk, as long as the water temperature does not exceed levels accepted by common sense.
  • If we choose the hot water option, it will mean losing the benefits of choosing to do it with cold water.
  • Particularly if you have curly or frizzy hair, washing your hair in hot water may not be the best option.
  • The hot water causes an increase in the porosity of the hair fibers and leaves hair more brittle.
  • It produces a sweeping effect of the natural oils from the hair and dehydration, making it drier and breaking easily.
  • However, when the hair suffers from a tendency to accumulate excess sebum, hot water helps cleanse the scalp.
    It is because the warmth and steam open the pores and help remove excess oil.
  • In the long run, however, the effect may be the opposite: the hair begins to produce more oil by rebound effect.
    The cold water makes hair lose volume and movement, especially on fantastic hair.
  • However, it adds shine, smoothes it, avoids frizz, closes the cuticle’s scales, and seals the pores avoiding dehydration.
  • Therefore, unless the hair is lovely, it is appropriate to rinse it with cold water.

What are the excellent Pros and Cons of washing hair with Hot Water?


  • Rinse away accumulated dirt.
  • The steam opens the pores and cuticle of the hair.
  • Therefore, a wash with hot water is ideal for removing the oil and dirt accumulated on the scalp.


  • Increases hair porosity.
  • Hot water turns out to be a double-edged sword; It helps remove stubborn dirt, but it also causes a brittle and porous mane.
  • The heat of the water also generates steam, and that steam a lot of frizz.


  • Causes frizz-Hair need moisture to stay frizz-free, and because hot water can wash away natural oils, moisture can easily escape.
  • Coldwater produces an effect of increasing the scalp capillaries’ circulation, supposing an increase in oxygenation and nutrients for the hair.

What is a better way to wash your hair?

  • The most acceptable way to wash your hair is to use both methods: start with hot water and finish with cold water.
  • In this way, you can get the benefits of both approaches.
  • By using hot water first, you will dissolve and cleanse the hair products while opening your pores and hair cuticles, which will help when you begin massaging your hair with shampoo and conditioner.
  • Then, using cold water, you will close your cuticles and pores again while sealing in the moisture that will keep your hair healthy, shiny, and frizz-free.
  • Because everyone has a distinct hair type and style, there is no absolute method for hair care.
  • Using the right products is essential, but sometimes it all comes down to having the right temperature.
  • When looking for the ideal temperature to suit your needs, you can always rely on instant water heaters.
  • You can be sure that with Rheem equipment in your home, you will always have access to the hot water you need, whether it wash your hair or to enjoy a warm and comforting shower.

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