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What is an Anti-Aging Skin Routine?

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Anti-Aging Skin Routine Definition

The Anti-aging skin routine at the age of 30 friends, at that age, our skin no longer defends itself so well from the sun, stress, pollution, and the dreaded passage of time.

Therefore, in today’s post, we give you the keys to perform an anti-aging facial routine in just five steps.

The appearance of wrinkles, flaccidity, spots, or collagen loss is the main enemy to fight with the best cosmetics.

Also, it is an excellent time to get essential products to achieve our anti-aging goal.

What are the Steps of an Anti-Aging Routine?

1. Anti-Aging Routine: Cleaning

  • We are not going to elaborate much on this point because it seems evident to us. Cleaning is a fundamental step, the beginning, the all or nothing.
  • Skipping this step is building the house from the roof and still pretending to live in it. To obtain the best anti-aging results, we recommend choosing cleansing products adapted to your skin type and applying them gently.
  • A facial exfoliation a week is another task that we must point in our list of things to do to love ourselves well.

2. Anti-Aging Routine: Serum

  • When we include a serum in our facial routine, it means that our skin’s age has started to worry us we have become severe.
  • Therefore, the serum is a fundamental step in any anti-aging routine due to its concentrated active ingredients. Its primary mission is to prepare the skin to receive the treatment through the front door.
  • It acts on the skin cells in all its layers for greater firmness, flexibility, and hydration. And fine lines and wrinkles, meaning more happiness for the skin.

3. Anti-Aging Routine: Eye Contour

  • The eye area is the first great snitch of our fine age lines. Wrinkles or bags are some of the first to roam freely.
  • For this reason, we must take care of the eye contour with specific cosmetics that we will apply with gentle strokes with the fingers until wholly absorbed of all the list.
  • It is the only product that we recommend to use even to our youngest clients because it is never too early to start aging for the skin, as we say in the container.
  • A super treatment that repairs, illuminates, hydrates, and prevents thanks to its antioxidant power. Tender eyes today and always.

4. Anti-Aging Routine: Hydrate

  • Anti-aging creams are our philosopher’s stone. An excellent anti-aging cream was included in the most effective way to generate a protective barrier on the skin. The marks of fatigue reduce, and the skin regains its natural luminosity.

5. Anti-Aging Routine: Specific Treatment

  • When it comes to caring for your skin, not just anything is worth it. Therefore, it is essential to know what happens to our skin to offer you the best solution.
  • And lack of filling is one of the first signs of an aging dermis. The lack of luminosity is the second big problem.
  • And good anti-aging routine should combat both problems – lack of light and filling – in the short and long term.

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