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Best Face Primer – Uses, Top Brands, and More

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Best Face Primer

If you’ve always thought that makeup primers were a waste of time, we recommend that you give your theory a spin.

The primer or primer is the first step to prepare our skin before applying makeup.

You can make a difference by giving us a more luminous, matte finish and helping us to hide imperfections.

A long time ago, we explained how to apply a makeup primer, but what you are wondering is which primer to choose.

There are indeed countless primers on the market; there are them for all skin types, of different textures, with other ingredients and, above all, of a great variety of prices.

Based on its finish, the opinion of the makeup gurus, and it’s quality/price, we have created a list of the best makeup primers worth investing in.

What is the use of a makeup primer?

The primers have become an essential beauty product to our vanity.

Especially suitable for skin with excess sebum, the primer can absorb the sebum oil on the face that causes shine and generates imperfections.

The primer creates a thin layer on the skin that attenuates imperfections.

It has high mattifying power and achieves smooth and uniform skin when we apply the makeup base.

In summary, it is a product that prepares the skin for the application of cosmetics (makeup base, sun powder, eye shadow) that we regularly use in our beauty routine, enhancing its benefits and actions on our face.

Stains, pimple marks or wrinkles will be much less visible thanks to the primer.

The prebases makeup is available in different shades and textures.

If you have dry skin, it is better to opt for a primer with a creamy texture.

On the contrary, if you have oily skin, choose a powder as a primer to better absorb sebum and leave a matte finish.

You can choose and buy a primer with SPF that protects your skin from ageing caused by solar radiation.

Many brands have launched their makeup primers in the market to cover all your needs and desires in terms of smooth and well-made-up skin.

Which makeup primer to buy?

Take into account if it is oily, dry or mixed before choosing a brand or texture.

If you pay attention when selecting your primer, the finish and result will be incredible.

Top Brands

Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser

This primer is one of the best value for money in our selection.

For just over € 6, Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated all day long.

It is perfect for dry skin that tends to be cracked by makeup.

It hides open pores and gives a matte appearance without clogging the skin, allowing it to breathe.

Max Factor Face Finity Primer

This primer keeps the skin of your face protected thanks to its sun protection factor of SPF 20, which will prevent the sun’s rays from damaging your skin.

It is perfect for oily skin since its micro-correctors control excess sebum on the skin, avoiding oil and shine after applying makeup.

L’Oreal Paris Make-up Designer 24H Primer

This primer is the best valued by users who highlight the ability to leave the skin soft throughout the day and fill in imperfections.

This L’Oreal primer contains smoothing polymers that cover imperfections for a smooth, matte complexion with invisible pores all day.

Apply small dots of this primer on the face before applying your makeup base, and it is not necessary to use a lot of product.

A little is enough to enjoy all the benefits of this primer.

Which primer to choose according to your skin type

Makeup primer for dry skin

bBet on primers that provide specific care for your skin type, giving extra hydration, opt for a creamy texture with moisturizing action.

Also, to beautify your skin, it nourishes pre base makeup.

Makeup primer for oily skin

In this case, your goal will be to reduce shine and achieve matte skin.

To do this, choose an oil-free primer (look on the label: free oil ) or powder and, if possible, also mattifying.

Your skin will have a completely smooth appearance without shine and the imperfections caused by excess sebum (pimples, clogged pores)

Makeup primer for combination skin:

If your skin is of this type, you should focus on reducing shine in the T zone: forehead, nose and chin.

Look for those that specify it.

As you can see, there is much settlement that primer can bring to your daily beauty routine.

It is one of the cosmetics that do not always have an important place for us, but that can make a difference in our skin’s appearance.

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