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What are the Rules to Apply Makeup Effectively and Healthily?- Definition, 12 Amazing Makeup Rules.

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Apply Makeup Effectively and Healthily Definition

The application of makeup is not something that we do randomly, especially when you have sensitive skin. We give you a few guidelines correctly to apply makeup effectively and healthily.

12 Amazing makeup rules to apply makeup effectively and healthily

Rule 1: Clean the skin systematically

  • You can’t get a perfect finish on your makeup if you didn’t clean your face well. Dust that builds up throughout the day prevents skin from breathing and makeup from setting.
  • Use an exfoliating cleanser to purify and soften your skin and apply makeup effectively and healthily no more than once a week.

Rule 2: Apply a skincare product before makeup

  • Successful makeup application begins with good skin preparation, which means you need to hydrate it. In this way, the makeup base is more uniform and luminous.
  • Select and apply a product that suits your skin needs: dry, combination, oily, and anti-aging.

Rule 3: Correct the imperfections

  • Tinted concealers allow you to hide skin flaws. Mixing them two by two, the colors neutralize each other like the green neutralizes the red of rosacea, fresh scars, visible blood vessels, and post-laser redness.
  • Yellow neutralizes the blue of dark circles, varicosities, and post-operative bruises.

Rule 4: Unify the tone

  • Begin by applying your foundation with your fingertips: forehead, cheekbones, septum, and pear. Then spread it like a cream.
  • The application technique will not be the same depending on the type of makeup base you choose: cream, fluid, or compact.
  • You can apply it with a brush and blend it with your fingers to get a natural look.

Rule 5: Set the Makeup

  • Finish by applying some powder to set the concealer and foundation and mattify areas prone to shine such as the forehead, pear, and nose sides.
  • To increase your makeup grip, apply a mist of thermal water 30 cm from your face.

Rule 6: Protagonism-eyes or lips

  • Any beginner in the makeup artist knows that a “smokey eye look” is incompatible with intense red lips.
  • And, although this season, we already tell you that intense delineation with vibrant lipsticks takes the leading role clearly must always fall on one of the two elements.
  • If you wear an intense black smoke for the night, the lips should be complemented with some lipstick in shades of “nude” or pink, while if you wear a red or aubergine lipstick, for example, you will have to use shadows in shades.

Rule 7: Eyebrow makeup-one shade less

  • If you are inexperienced in grooming your brows, your first impulse is to choose a pencil or shadow that is the same shade as the hair to fill in and shape.
  • Error! You should always use one or two shades less of your brow color to a natural finish.
  • If you use an identical or even darker shade, the lines and gaps filled with it will draw attention to the brow hair, ruining the real purpose.

Rule 8: The final touch of color

  • This step will also give you a healthy appearance. Apply blush to your cheekbones for a luminous finish and definition to the contour of your face.
  • This touch of color is essential for a good finish on your makeup.

Rule 9: Highlight the eyes

  • To widen the look, apply light colors to the eyelid’s lower inner part as they catch the light.
  • Use the darkest shadows for the ends of the eyes to make them sophisticated and captivating. A touch of mascara will perfect the makeup.

Rule 10: Enhance your smile

  • Begin by lining your lips with lipstick to define their contour. This eyeliner prevents lipstick from running and helps it set in a better way.
  • I chose a shade similar to the lipstick’s color and applying the lipstick from the center of the lips towards the ends. To increase the shine, I added a touch of lip gloss.

Rule 11: Clean your brushes

  • For all people who apply makeup with a brush, remember that they must clean it at least once a month with a suitable cleaner.
  • It will minimize the risk of allergy while lengthening its shelf life.

Rule 12: Take your makeup off every night

  • It is essential to clean your face completely every night and allow the skin to breathe every morning. This way, you remove makeup and impurities.
  • For sensitive skin, cleansing milk or micellar solution is preferable.

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