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How to Recognize Remote Employees During COVID-19?

by healthandbeautytimes

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, lots of employees are finding remote working as a new normal.

It is important to reach your remote employees so that they feel connected and valued to the business over frequent updates and recognized for their hard work that they doing from their home. And one of the best ways is giving them appreciation in a form of a crystal trophy cup.

Today, it has become very know that you understand the nuances behind engaging the newly-virtual teams.

Keeping your employees happy and engaged in such difficult times is very important to improve your business & get positive results, even while companies are struggling hard. Here are some best ways to recognize your remote employees during tough times:

Award Your Employee of a Week

An employee of a month is not the new concept and you can consider giving them a crystal trophy cup to boost their morale. However, it is one that not used efficiently.

When recognizing the remote workers, you must use the fair process of choosing the winners. When you are developing the employee of a week or month award program, you must base frequency on the team size.

But, you do not want to give many rewards so that they lose their value. For optimum results, you need to decide which values or characteristics you wish to award. This can help to bring a bit of clarity to your award selection procedure.

Making Right Use of the Technology

It is likely when your team gathered in your office daily, they found various ways of celebrating various achievements together.

Also, you may celebrate closing the sale just by having a round of applause, buying office lunch, or hitting a gong.

Now your employees have to work remotely, you can invite them to the virtual meeting by using programs such as Skype or Zoom to announce any major accomplishments.

Also, your employees may socialize together, celebrate the wins, as well as get the in-office feeling that they may lack at home. Also, extra face time can help to alleviate the loneliness that remote workers feel on a job.

Reward your whole house

When we convert the dining rooms in home offices & living rooms in classrooms, we are getting personal in our colleagues’ domestic and private lives.

Thus, why not invite them to this celebration? Extending your appreciation – no matter whether virtual “paint & sip” or thank you card– to the employees’ housemates & families does much more than showing you care. This shows that you see it as the whole person.

Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Support peer recognition besides getting appreciation and recognition from the superiors and managers. And also, they get this right from the peers too.

You can go for Employee Recognition Software that can support peer recognition through simple nominations and praises.

This you can do through the organization website too. It not just creates a good bond between your team but also improves employee engagement.

Recognize Quirky Milestones

Adjusting to remote work is challenging for everybody. To be light-hearted about this & acknowledge small wins can bring a big smile to your remote employees’ faces. Small wins have got transformational power.

When this small win is accomplished, other forces get set in the right motion that favour various other small wins until a combination of the small wins leads over larger & greater accomplishments.

Offer Opportunities for the Professional Development

A creative way of recognizing employees is by offering them professional development opportunities. Now is the right time that you tackle some new tasks, learn skills, as well as develop your own repertoire.

You can consider offering free courses online through various platforms so that employees will grow professionally in the time where they will feel stagnant.

Suppose you are using the rewards & recognition platform, you may have discounts on such classes available.

Final Words

Now it is the right time, we have to ensure that the achievements are visible, and recognized throughout the whole business sector. The world we are living in is not the one that we are used to, but it does not mean we cannot embrace creativity and innovation to find better ways of supporting and recognizing our team.

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