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Why You Should Be A Nurse?

by healthandbeautytimes

Why You Should Be A Nurse? – How many careers exist? The answer is unknown, but it will be somewhere in the high thousands – and more and more new jobs are being created all the time. This is a good thing; it means that you are sure to find a career that suits you perfectly, in terms of your skills, your education, your personality, and what you enjoy and are interested in.

However, it can also be a bad thing because too much choice can make it hard to focus on anything at all. Therefore, you might think you want to do one thing and then get distracted by the promise of what another career could offer you. This happening once or even twice is reasonable, but if it keeps happening, you’ll never be content in what you’re doing, and you’ll never give it your full attention. This is why it’s more important to think carefully about what kind of career you might want and to fix the idea firmly so you can concentrate, study, and become good at what you do.

So what kind of career might you want to investigate? Nursing is something that interests a lot of people because it will allow them to help people, and it’s a job that is challenging and unique. Could you be a nurse? Here are some of the reasons why you should at least consider it when you’re narrowing down your employment options.

You Are Needed

One reason to become a nurse is that you are – and always will be – needed. This is not something that can be said for all professions. In fact, due to the advances in technology that are being developed every day, it’s likely that some jobs will disappear altogether and aren’t necessarily needed at all. Nursing is different. The healthcare industry will always need nurses, and patients will always need nurses. Nurses are the very heart of any hospital or clinic, as they not only offer medical care, but they are there when it comes to emotional and mental care too. In fact, if the mental health aspect is something that interests you, you can even specialize as a mental health nurse by taking online PMHNP programs.

No matter what kind of nurse you choose to be or what level you want to achieve when you have graduated, nurses will always be required. There is a nursing shortage, and it’s vital that this is fixed as soon as possible. Therefore, if you train to be a nurse, finding a job should not be too much of a struggle (although it might mean applying to healthcare facilities other than hospitals and potentially further away from where you live, depending on the situation).

It’s always wonderful to feel needed, and this is something that nurses can experience every day, not just in terms of their profession, but they will get the feeling from their patients as well.

You’ll Learn A Lot

If you thought that nurses ‘just’ had to be kind to patients, bathe them, give them food, and occasionally give them medication, you’re missing out on all the other things that nurses will need to do throughout their day. There is a big misconception about what nurses do, and the truth is that there is far more to being a nurse than ‘simple’ patient care.

The reality of nursing is that you will need to know a lot about many different things, such as medication, conditions, health, hygiene, and more. This is why nurse training takes a long time and why refresher courses are important. There are always more things to learn, and the more often you stay up to date, the better it is for your career and for your patients. It’s hard to appreciate just how wide-ranging a nurse’s job is and how much there is to learn, but it is a very large amount. If you love learning and, even more crucially, if you love putting that learning into practice, nursing is the ideal job – you’ll never stop learning, and it will always be relevant information.

An Active Job

Something that might not initially come to mind when you’re considering just why you should become a nurse is that nursing is an extremely active job. Being active is a great thing; it keeps you fit and healthy, helps you maintain a steady weight, and ensures you don’t develop any conditions that more sedentary jobs could cause, such as obesity, type II diabetes, and blood clots. Of course, nurses can and do have these conditions, so you won’t be immune, but you’ll generally be much healthier because you are always on the move.

When you think of active jobs, you’ll likely have a list of them, but most – if not all – will be jobs that take place outside or that put you in harm’s way (such as police work or becoming a firefighter). However, nursing is extremely active, and it’s much safer than many other options. Plus, you won’t have to be outside, so you don’t need to worry about the weather either. Nursing is active because there is always a lot to do. You’ll be moving from patient to patient, perhaps even from one area of the hospital to another, and although you will have breaks, when you’re working, you’ll be moving.

A Well-Respected Job

Even those who don’t know exactly what a nurse does and how much work they really put in on a daily basis will have a great deal of respect for nurses. The more you know about what a nurse does, the more respect it’s likely you’ll have towards them. Not everyone is cut out to be a nurse, so when you come across someone who works so hard, studies continually, and can be positive and empathetic even on the hardest days, it makes sense you would feel respect towards them.

If you want to be in a job that garners this respect, nursing could be the right option. Of course, you wouldn’t go into the job simply so that people respect you more, but it is certainly a positive bonus that you can enjoy.

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