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What are the 7 Facial yoga Exercises for firm Skin? – Goodbye to Plastic Surgery

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Facial yoga exercises are often promoted as a natural and non-invasive way to improve facial muscle tone and skin elasticity, potentially leading to a youthful appearance. While the effectiveness of facial yoga debate, some people find it beneficial. Here are seven facial yoga exercises that often suggest firmer skin

What are 7 Facial Yoga Exercises?

Facial yoga exercises relax and ensure firm skin. Practical: The exercises can be done at any time and without a lot of tools.

Also, wrinkles can reduce, and contours can raise if carried out regularly. Do you want to keep young skin without the help of the Beauty Doc?

These exercises keep your face and chin taut and relaxed.

1. Inflate the balloon

  • All you need to tighten your contours is a balloon. When the balloon inflated, the lungs and facial muscles challenges.
  • Blow into the balloon with as much force as possible until your cheeks are as wide as possible.
  • You can then slowly let the airflow back so that your oral cavity additionally massaged.

Repeat this exercise three times.

2. Pull up your temples

Pull up your temples

  • Now lift your facial features. To do this, place your fingers on the temples and pull the skin backward with light pressure.
  • Pull until you feel the tension and hold this position for five seconds.

Repeat this exercise five times.

3. Raise eyebrows

  • To keep your eye area at bay, you can raise your eyebrows. To do this, slide your brows up with your fingers.
  • At the same time, you should contact your eyelids so that tension arises. And hold this position for ten seconds.

Repeat this exercise three times with both eyebrows.

4. Squeeze like eating a lemon

  • So that the blood circulation stimulated, you can pinch your entire face.
  • It roughly corresponds to the facial expression of a person who is biting into a lemon. Hold the face like this for five seconds.

Repeat this exercise twice.

5. The pencil kiss mouth

  • Pin a pencil between your nose and upper lip. Then hold it with your upper lip tight for ten seconds.
  • It strengthens the mouth and lateral cheek muscles.

Repeat this exercise twice.

6. Send air kiss

  • You can also fight wrinkles with an air kiss: this is how you tighten and shape your mouth.
  • Shape your lips into an air kiss and hold it for five seconds.
  • If you don’t feel any tension, you can press your upper lip down with your index finger to create pressure.

Repeat this exercise three times.

7. With pressure against the double chin

  • The last exercise helps against the development of a double chin, strengthens the muscles and massages the facial skin.
  • Press the knuckles of your fingers against your neck and then drive up to your chin. Open the lower jaw slightly so that it creates optimal pressure.

Repeat this exercise ten times.

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