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Best heat protectant – Uses, Working on types of hairs, and More

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What is the thermal protector for?

Best heat protectant – The high temperatures of the irons, dryers, curling irons and other heating tools are responsible for dehydration and breakage of the hair.

For this reason, the thermal hair protectant is not optional, especially for all those who use an iron or other heat source daily.

It is necessary to differentiate between the one that serves as solar protection and the one that is to protect from the heat of the thermal tools since it is not the same.

The former protects us from the sun, the beach, chlorine etc., and the latter serves to protect the hair from the direct heat of these tools to prevent it from affecting the internal structure of the hair, saving and avoiding damage to its design.

How does the protector work on the hair?

It acts as a shield. Temperatures above 180 °, together with continuous friction in our hair, wears down the hair fibre, creating small fissures that weaken it little by little, causing it to suffer progressive dehydration, which can end in breakage.

Thermal protector for medium and thick hair

An excellent choice if you have medium or thick hair. This spray used on both wet and dry hair for both the dryer and the iron.

If you use it wet and you are going to combine it with other heat protectant , remember always to put it first.

How is it used?

Apply the spray from roots to ends; about eight jets recommended for medium and long hair, dry and begin to work with the iron.

Remember that for this type of hair, the most important thing is that hydrated.

Special thermal protector for porous hair

This heat protectant is the most powerful of all the ones I know. Its format is very light foam, and it is the only one that provides extreme heat from heat, up to 232 °.

This foam is ideal if you do keratin or any treatment since it does not contain sulfates or parabens and has properties that help untangle and strengthen hair.

How is it used?

It apply right after washing it. Once we have removed the excess water, we use two or three pulses if the hair is very long.

If your hair is lovely and not very abundant, apply only one pulse. It is effortless to confuse dry hair with porous hair. If you can decipher the puzzle, you will have a perfect and lasting solution.

Thermal protector for dry hair

This cream base is unique for normal and dry hair. In addition to protecting from the damage of the heat of the tools, it deeply nourishes the hair fibre and smoothes the surface, making the hair look much shinier and leaving a perfect finish.

How is it used?

After washing and conditioning it, we dry it with a towel and apply a hazelnut of product all over the hair, distributing it with a comb.

Use a very nourishing range to keep dryness at bay, and try not to use the iron at more than 190 °.

Thermal protector for fine hair

This type of hair tends to get dirty quickly.

For this reason, this serum is perfect because it leaves hair loose while strengthening it from the inside and protecting it against heat damage and also from free radicals.

Besides, it hydrates and repairs our hair giving it unique flexibility and vitality.

How is it apply?

We apply a small amount in the middle and ends and blow-dry, usually on washed and towel-dried hair.

Remember that fine hair should not be worked at more than 180 °, as it is the best way to protect it from breakage.

Thermal protector for curly hair

This spray is perfect for curly hair as it protects them and isolates them from the humidity of the environment. Something that this type is very grateful for when it comes to getting rid of frizz.

How is it used?

With dry hair, apply lock by lock before using both the iron and the curling iron. Remember that the hair dehydrated before applying a direct heat source.

Thermal protector for coloured hair

This special protector for coloured hair is ideal for protecting the hair fibre from high temperatures and an excellent colour protector.

How is it used?

Apply to damp hair before blow-drying. You can also use it dry before using the iron or curling iron. Make sure to blot up any moisture left by the product before you begin.

If you want the colour to last longer, try not to iron it the first day you do the paint, and above all. Do not exceed 180º of temperature so that the colour remains intact for as long as possible.

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