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What are Chest Exercises? – Definition, 10 Types of Chest Exercises, and More

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Chest Exercises Definition

Chest Exercises have already become an obsession for many gym addicts.

And it is relatively easy to crush yourself to bench press every day, non-stop, until your chest routine becomes dull, heavy, and even build muscle.

However, there are other types of exercises, in addition to the classic one.

Which, in adding to being more dynamic and pleasant, will make you closer to achieving the goal.

What are the Types of Chest Exercises?

1- Band Heating

  • It is a humble exercise in which you will only have to flap like a fly.
  • Use an Elastic Band and pass it finished fixed support so that it serves as a stop when we go to stretch our arms then go with your back facing our tie-down support.
  • Grab respectively end of the band with the palm of your hand and press both arms together until both arms come together.

2- Dumbbells against the Chest

  • Lie down on a bench holding a pair of dumbbells, stretch your arms vertically to your chest, letting the weights touch each other.
  • Hold the position with the consequences tight to each other and lower them back to your wardrobe, dropping all of your weight. Then repeat it.

3- Incline Bench Press

  • Lie down on a bench at a 45-degree incline and hold a pair of dumbbells in your hands.
  • Stretch your arms from the chest outwards, grasping both weights with the palms of your hands facing your feet.
  • Return to the starting position and repeat.

4- Pushups with Weight

  • Put weight on your back. You can use a puck, weighted vest, or a sandbag, whichever you prefer.
  • Once you have decided, get into the position indicated and bend your arms, lowering your Body until your chest practically touches the ground.

5- Close Grip Bench Press

  • Try closing your arms more when gripping the bar so as not to overload your shoulders. That is, place your hands closer together.
  • These chest exercises with barbells instead of dumbbells build more brute force in your chest because they are more stable and, doing them.
  • In this way, people with a tendency to dislocation in the shoulder joint will not have as many problems.

6- Dumbbell Curl

  • Place two dumbbells next to each other (touching each other) and get into a pushup position.
    Bend your arms until your chest touches the bulks.
  • Do not forget that your location has to form a totally straight line from the ankles to the skull.
  • The trick is to keep the pressure of the dumbbells against each other throughout the movement of the pushup.

7- Wired Flapping

  • This exercise is to always do in the gym. It is very alike to the one we use as a warm-up but this time.
  • We change the elastic bands for a chain due to the constant tension throughout the movement.
  • Stand on the one leg slightly in front of the other and, with your hips bent somewhat forward, flap your arms, applying pressure towards your Body like a flying bird. Do not circular your back at any time.

8- Decline Bench Press

  • Stretch out on a bench slightly inclined downwards and support your legs by placing the shin in the consistent support.
  • And Lower the weights toward your chest, pause, and then repeat.

9- Goalkeeper Flex

  • This exercise is not only controlling for your chest, but it also helps to develop the Triceps, Abdomen, and Shoulders.
  • Get into a pushup position and fully stretch your right arm, letting all the weight fall on the left (you can place a medicine ball to support the one you have stretched out if you wish).
  • Then, perform a traditional pushup but keeping balance and controlling your core without destabilizing yourself on the side that you have on the ground.
  • Do it as many reps as you can and then switch to the other arm.

10- Dumbbells Flying over your Body

  • To finish, lie down on a bench and hold two dumbbells with your palms facing the ceiling.
  • It is a circular exercise, so lift your weights simultaneously, starting from the hips and continue, with your arms flexed, surrounding your torso until you reach the dumbbells above your shoulders.
  • Then repeat the walk-in reverse to the starting position.

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