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It can also be too much water – These are the mistakes you make when drinking

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These are the mistakes you make when drinking

We should consume between two and three liters of water a day. As easy as it sounds, mistakes can easily happen when drinking.

The human body consists of between 60 and 75 percent water. How high this proportion is effective depends on various factors, for example, age or gender.

In cold temperatures, the feeling of thirst usually subsides. Then it becomes dangerous because we often forget to drink.

The first consequences of insufficient water intake can include impaired thinking, headaches, dizziness, and tiredness.

If you drink enough water, nofollow the rule of thumb: 0.3 deciliters of liquid per kilo of body weight every day. It applies to the average person and when no sport is done.

However, there are a few things you can do wrong when drinking:

1. Drink too quickly

  • If water consumed too quickly, it dilutes the saliva soon in large quantities.
  • Saliva is a vital element of digestion as it helps stimulate the juices in the stomach.
  • If the water you have does not hold enough saliva, the body will not be able to absorb it properly.
  • Also, if you drink too quickly, water dissolves too rapidly, and you have to go to the toilet straight away.
  • As a result, the body has no time to store the water and absorb the important nutrients that are there to supply various organs.
  • We also advise against drinking more than three liters a day.

2. Drinking while standing

  • If you are always only under stress and you only manage to drink water while standing or walking, this can have fatal consequences.
  • Because in this position, you will automatically drink faster. And as mentioned earlier, this harms our digestion and overall health.
  • In addition, the muscles and nervous system are not as relaxed when standing as when sitting.

3. Confuse thirst for hunger

  • If the stomach growls, most of them eat. The grumbling can also hide another need of the body: thirst! Then you should just drink a glass of water before the meal.
  • A plus point: If you drink liquids before eating, it can curb your appetite.

4. Do not drink until you are thirsty

  • One of the major blunders you make when drinking: You only reach for a water bottle when your throat has already dried out.
  • If you are thirsty, and the body already lacks fluid. It then runs low, and there is a risk of dehydration.
  • So get used to drinking water at regular intervals, even if you are not thirsty at all.

5. Do not drink water with alcohol

  • Treat yourself to some glasses of wine at the end of the day. But besides alcohol, one thing, in particular, should not be forgotten: to drink water.
  • Because alcohol, in particular, draws the fluid from the body that should replenish immediately.
  • The consequences can be dry skin and headaches. If you don’t want a stinging skull the next day, you can drink a portion of water between glasses of alcohol.

6. Drink ice-cold water

  • If it’s hot outside in summer, it can be pleasant to enjoy an ice-cold glass of water. But that’s what you shouldn’t do – at any time of the year.
  • It recommends always to consume water at room temperature. Because drinking cold water shrinks the blood vessels and disrupts the digestive process.
  • It can also cause unwanted fat to build upon the body, as cold temperatures solidify the fat in the food you eat.

7. Do not drink water immediately after getting up

  • Reaching for the water when you get up can provide you with many health benefits.
  • While many only drink fluids after the morning routine, it would be good if this thru at the very beginning. Even before brushing your teeth.
  • When you wake up in the morning, your mouth is still full of saliva, which can support the digestive process.
  • With a glass of water, this transported to the stomach, where it ensures healthy digestion – throughout the day.

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