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The Best Eye Drops – Clinitas Soothe, Hycosan, Blink Intensive

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Best Eye Drops –

The relief from rehydrating itchy eyes is beyond description – ask anyone with dry eyes! Contact lens wearers tend to be familiar with dry eyes, which make their eyes red and blurry.

That Is also the case for eyeglass wearers, after several hours in front of their working screen.

From air conditioning to the weather to makeup and pollution, the culprits are numerous. A bottle of eye drops – also called artificial tears – can save your eyesight, but what to choose?

No more irritation, yes to hydration!

Whether you’ve never used eye drops previous or have never managed to do it without getting it all over the place.

Vision Direct offers an extensive range of eye drops for every type of problem and every need. But there are also many different brands, and you can quickly get lost.

If the extensive choice of products stresses you out more than the application, do not panic: the list above should help you see it much more clearly.

Top 6 eye drops at Vision Direct

6. Clinitas Soothe

Clinitas soothe drops are artificial tears without preservatives and made from Sodium Hyaluronate, a liquid that reproduces the natural texture of your tears.

It is a very successful product for relieving tired and irritated eyes. These artificial tears come in the form of 20 resealable pods, making them super convenient to carry everywhere with you!

If Clinitas Soothe is so popular, it’s because it’s such an effective product as it is easy to apply at the end of a long, busy day. Its gentle formula makes it perfect for even the most sensitive eyes.

If you prefer the bottle format, you can turn to its bottle format, convenient for travel: Clinitas Soothe Multi.

5. Hycosan Eye Drops

If you suffer from mild dry eyes or tend to have red eyes, Hycosan Eye Drops may be the perfect product for you.

Apply three drops of these preservative-free artificial tears to each eye every day, and the feeling of discomfort should go away very quickly.

These drops are viral because they relieve mild dry eye by rehydrating your eyes, making your lenses much more comfortable.

4. Blink Intensive Tears

Blink Intensive Tears is also an excellent product for relieving irritated eyes and restoring your lenses to their original comfort.

This gentle formula reproduces the texture of your tears to rehydrate your eyes with naturalness.

The reason people love these artificial tears so much that they quickly relieve irritation, even when wearing contact lenses.

As they can sell in the form of a 10ml bottle, you can slip them into your bag or pockets and carry them everywhere with you. If you prefer the pod format, no problem, replace the bottle with Blink Intensive Tears vials.

3. Blink Contacts

Designed for contact lens wearers, Blink Contact Artificial Tears provide immediate relief to tired and itchy eyes.

They are compatible with all contact lenses and all eye problems: easy to use, affordable and effective.

The reason people love Blink Contacts drops so much is for their moisturizing effect on both eyes and contact lenses and their convenient carry-around size.

If you are not a fan of the bottle, you can always opt for the pod format.

2. Hycosan Extra Eye Drops

Hycosan Extra Eye Drops is the full version of Hycosan Eye Drops, number 5 on our list.

The variation between these two products is that Hycosan Extra Eye Drops are artificial tears designed to relieve more severe and persistent cases of dry eye.

Their preservative-free formula allows them to take effect immediately with any lens.

If Hycosan Extra Eye Drops are so popular, it is because they provide adequate and instant hydration. Our customers also love the easy application that releases one drop at a time.

1.Everclear drops

The Everclear drops! Their plant-based formula is natural and versatile, which allows them to provide long-lasting hydration. They are perfect for all types of eyes and dry eyes.

If our customers so pamper these drops, it is for their fantastic value for money and for the instant relief they offer.

The 10ml bottle is also straightforward to hold anywhere with you. It is truly the star product of contact lens wearers.

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