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What is Dry Flaky Skin? – Definition, Causes, Prevention

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Dry Flaky Skin Definition

Dry Flaky skin around the nose is our main protective barrier of the organism against external agents.

It proposes that fulfill both the skin of the outer area and the mucous membranes. They line the entrance orifices to our bodies.

For the skin to adequately fulfill this function, it must be healthy and sufficiently hydrated.

Dry skin, lacking the water or lipids necessary to maintain its structure, is a more fragile skin, and it will have more difficulties defending ourselves.

It is so essential to maintain an adequate level of hydration and avoid dryness.

What are the Causes of Nasal Dryness?

  • Dry Flaky skin the constant use of the handkerchief in colds, flu, or allergic processes causes the nasal area to dry out and even become irritated.
  • Dry  Flaky skin climate in those places where the weather is drier, it is more common for you to notice that the skin and nasal mucosa out more quickly.
  • The change from areas with high temperatures to cold areas occurs in winter when we go outside, or vice versa, as in summer. When we leave the cold, air conditioning produces dehydration in the skin.
  • Both heating and air conditioning dry it out of the environment at home, at work, etc. The nasal mucosa tends to lose moisture and dry out.
  • Environmental pollution, dust, smoke, chlorine from swimming pools, etc. They aggravate factors that also produce dehydration.

How to Prevent Dry Nose?

1. Perform a Proper Nasal Cleansing

  • The external skin, with a cleansing cosmetic, and the internal area. A physiological serum or seawater spray. Both the outer skin.

2. Moisturize the Skin of the Nose and Nasal Musoca

  • The external area, in general, can be hydrated with the same product that you use for the rest of your face.
  • Although you notice that the skin begins to become irritated, or preventively in dry environments, it may be convenient to use a specific moisturizing balm for this area.
  • You can use the cleaning spray itself, which refreshes and hydrates the mucosa. In other cases, the use of an inner moisturizing gel is necessary.
  • An adequate amount of water, at least a liter and a half daily is essential to maintain proper hydration of the body, the skin.
  • And use it humidifier to keep your home humid, especially at night, to prevent your nose from drying out.
  • Finally, you should avoid the frequent causes of dryness that we have just mentioned below.
    Sudden temperature changes.

How Can you Avoid the Appearance of Wounds if the Nose is Dry?

When the skin has already dried, it is much more fragile, and it is easier for any slight friction to lead to the appearance of a small wound. So it helps if you took specific care to avoid it.

Don’t Scratch or Touch Your Nose with Your Fingers.

  • The contact of the nail with the dry skin of the area will quickly cause a wound.

Reduces Irritation and Rubbing

  • It especially one produced by the continuous use of a handkerchief.
  • It also combined with the dryness they have, is a lot of irritating a wound.

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