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Essential Oils – Working and Health Benefits

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In the past couple of years, the popularity of CAM or Complementary and Alternative Medicine is surging. An important part of it is the essential oils. noFollowing a Global Aromatherapy Market Analysis study, the global aromatherapy market is expected to grow by eight percent by 2024.

But what are essential oils? Essential oils are powerful oils. A few of these oils have been around for many, many years. The oils have been extracted from plants, and their scents, flavours, and other beneficial properties are captured.

They make an incredible pick for your healthcare, hair, and skin collection and can be employed for aromatherapy.

How do essential oils works?

Essential oils are prevalently used in aromatherapy. These oils are inhaled by way of different methods. These oils are meant only for inhalation and are not to be swallowed. The oils can interact with the body in a myriad of different ways. Upon application to the skin, certain plant chemicals are absorbed.

However, certain application methods can better the absorption, such as application onto the different body areas or application with steam or heat. However, more study on this is required.

Inhalation of the scent from the essential oils can trigger limbic system areas, an area of your brain responsible for controlling the sense of smell, behaviours, emotions, and memory. The limbic system is responsible for memory formation. This is the reason why certain emotions or memories are invoked when you come across familiar smells.

The limbic system has a pivotal role in controlling physiological functions, like blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing. Some people also believe that essential oils have a physical impact on the body. However, more study is needed on this front.

Health benefits of popular essential oils

There are over 90 different kinds of essential oils, and each of them has its unique smell. Most of the essential oils have phenomenal health benefits. Here, we will take a look at some of the renowned essential oils and their health benefits.


Jessica, an online calculus tutor, says that she is a regular user of the peppermint essential oil, and it has bettered the digestion process in her body. Well, that’s not all, the peppermint essential oil is also known to boost your body’s energy levels. Several studies have proven that peppermint is also used for curing pain, headaches, and stomach issues, such as irritable bowel syndrome.


Basil essential oil helps better your concentration levels and alleviate depression symptoms. It also helps in relieving you from migraines and headaches. The oil is distilled from a famous cooking herb and offers relief from congestion and cough. It betters digestion and alertness. Basil oil also provides relief from muscle aches and is a great mood enhancer. However, you must avoid it during pregnancy.


Bergamot oil helps relieve your stress. It also improves certain skin conditions, such as eczema. There are days when I feel overworked and stressed, and that is when the Bergamot essential oil is what calms my head, shares Riya, who offers assignment help Melbourne services.

It is a citrus oil, which provides Earl Grey tea a unique flavour and helps relieve your anxiety. Researchers are also studying the impact of Bergamot oil in lowering the blood pressure levels in the body. Further, the oil is helpful for the digestive tract and the urinary tract. When used combined with the eucalyptus oil, the Bergamot oil relieves skin problems, especially the ones triggered by chickenpox and stress.


Chamomile betters my mood, and helps me relax, comments Janet, who offers online C++ homework help services. It can also treat eczema.

Black pepper

This essential oil is prevalently used in stimulating blood circulation in the body. It also provides instant relief in muscle aches, bruises, and body pains. You can take it in combination with the ginger essential oil, and it will better your body flexibility and lower arthritis pain.


It is an expensive oil and is used to better your mood and lower anxiety. Women can also use it to ease the pain from menstrual cramps.


The oil is distilled from a famous cooking herb and accentuates your mental focus. It also boosts memory, promotes hair growth, supports the nervous and circulatory system, and prevents muscle spasms.


The spicy clove oil can help relieve toothaches and other kinds of pain. It is a topical analgesic or a painkiller and is commonly used as an antispasmodic antiemetic. The oil helps prevent nausea and vomiting and works as a carminative. It prevents gut gas. More so, the clove essential oil has antifungal, antioxidant, and antimicrobial properties.


This essential oil is used to relieve stress. It accentuates relaxation and helps you sleep better. The oil is also used to heal minor burns and cuts, owing to its excellent antiseptic properties. Further, the oil also relieves you from migraine and headache symptoms.


The sandalwood oil is used for calming the nerves and improving concentration. The oil has aphrodisiac qualities. It is prevalently used in spas and meditation centers. The presence of the earthy fragrance in the oil helps you sleep better and reduces anxiety and stress.

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