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The Power of Essential Oils – A Guide to Do-it-Yourself Aroma Care

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The Power of Essential Oils

Do something good with essential oils: You can do it yourself or with the help of professional aromatherapy by naturopaths or doctors.

Among other things, the scents should also help to strengthen the immune system, which is an advantage in the corona period.

And also, if you do not feel physically or psychologically fit, you can benefit from individually tailored aromatherapy with essential oils.

But you can also treat yourself at home using natural essential oils as a supplement to the medicine cabinet.

It is then not called aromatherapy, but rather aroma care that can use by everyone.

How exactly does aroma care work?

  • Essential oils have a holistic effect on humans. Both in aroma care and professional aromatherapy, people are considered holistically on all levels of body, mind, and soul.
  • From there, our mood, drive, breathing, circulation, digestion, and reproduction controlled unconsciously, which can be influenced by scents.
  • Due to their fat-soluble properties and high diffusion ability, essential oils are easily absorbed through the skin or mucous membrane into the blood and distributed throughout the body.
  • After an aroma massage, the essential oils can be detected in the blood and exhaled air within 20 to 60 minutes.

Diverse forms of application

  1. Essential oils are used for aroma massages, salves, compresses, wraps, baths, or partial baths, in body oils or roll-ons, for fragrance applications in a diffuser, napkin, or fragrance stick and can be used well at home.
  2. With the help of such claims, it is in your own hands to increase self-healing powers, strengthen the immune system, and promote well-being.
  3. Not every essence is suitable for everyone
  4. In infants and young children, one has to be careful when using essential oils. Dosage should below, and not all essences are suitable.
  5. Even epileptics, people with COPD (chronic respiratory diseases) or people suffering from high blood pressure, pregnancy, and lactating women are not allowable to use specific scents.

Treatment options with essential oils

  • The aromatherapist lists essential oils that can help with respiratory complaints, cough and colds, muscle tension, menstrual or menopausal symptoms, digestive or sleep problems, and psychological problems.
  • There are also appropriate scents for promoting blood circulation, for pain relief, relaxation, or as an aphrodisiac.
  • Many essential oils also contain antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • And some would, in turn, stimulate the repair mechanism of the skin cells through antioxidant properties.

Three recipes for aroma care at home

1. Breast oil for colds

Five to ten milliliters of almond or sunflower oil serves as a carrier oil and should be warmed and mixed with one of the nofollowing essential oils:

  • Thyme linalool
  • Eucalyptus globulus
  • Cajeput

And also, for children from five years old, one or two drops can be mixed into the carrier oils, for adults, three to six drops, depending on their physical condition. Then you should rub the mixture in the chest area and upper back. Inhaling and exhaling well in rhythm
increases the effect.

2. Massage oil against indigestion

Up to ten milliliters of warm rapeseed oil mixed with one or more of the nofollowing essential oils:

And also, one to two drops of essential oil used for children aged five years and up to four drops for adults.

And also, The belly massaged clockwise with the oil mixture. It should inhale in the stomach. Then put on a hot water bottle and relax for half an hour.

3. Relaxation bath

For a full relaxing bath, ten to 20 grams of sea salt, honey, or coffee cream is mixed well with a maximum of eight drops of any essential oil and adding to the bathwater after running in. For example, they have a relaxing and refreshing effect:

  • rose
  • lavender
  • Palmarosa
  • Rose geranium

And also, The bathroom has a balancing effect and helps with sleep disorders, anger, or melancholy.

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