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How to Clean your Ears? – Stay Away from Cotton Swabs

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Stay Away from Cotton Swabs

The cotton swab is still the first choice for many people to clean the ear canal.

Although it is notorious that it is somewhat counterproductive and it can even be harmful.

Often the wax, which you want to get out, gets deeper into the ear canal through the cotton swab.

This can go so far that it reaches the eardrum. There it can harden and form a so-called graft.

This is not only perceived as unpleasant but can also impair hearing and must be rinsed out with a liquid by the doctor.

Are Cotton Swabs Harmful?

The graft is not the only danger posed by cotton swabs. The sticks are often made of plastic and are accordingly hard.

  1. This can lead to injuries in the ear canal. Inflammation or eczema can be the result.
  2. Also, the eardrum itself can be irritated if you penetrate too deep with the chopsticks.
  3. The ear usually cleans itself. So you don’t have to do anything.
  4. There are small hairs in the ear canal that ensure that the dirt does not penetrate too far into the ear.
  5. The lard ensures that the ear canal moistened well, and the preserved protective acid mantle of the skin.
  6. The lard that forms in countless sebum and sweat glands also protects against dust particles and infections.
  7. The use of cotton swabs hampers this natural protection.

If so, then with special tools

  • Cotton swabs should be avoided at the latest after the graft has rinsed out.
  • Despite the body’s cleaning of the ear canal, the ear may occasionally need help with cleaning.
  • The earwax that created in this way should be removed.
  • But adequately – that means not with cotton swabs, but with special ear cleaning tools or from a doctor.
  • However, some of us always produce a little too much ear wax. Then a graft can form without the use of cotton swabs.
  • Whoever is affected should regularly consult a doctor and have them removed.

Excessive cleaning can increase the compaction of earwax.

  1. Cleaning any excess wax when it comes to the outside of the ear is enough to keep it clean.
  2. The advice that you can find on the Internet with home remedies on how to eliminate or soften the earwax that has been compacted in the ear can be seriously harmful to your health.
  3. If the person has medical or ear conditions that can make some of those recommendations a bigger problem.
  4. It is not harmful to have wax in the ears; everyone has or at least should have. That if it can become a problem if there is an excess of it.
  5. If you any symptoms such as pain, drainage, bleeding, or hearing loss, we can say that you have a hearing problem.
  6. If you observe any of these symptoms, it is advisable to go to your reference ENT specialist.

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