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Eyebrow Care: The Dos and Don’ts in Taming Eyebrows

by healthandbeautytimes

Nowadays, women don’t just go to salons just to get their hair done. As a matter of fact, they also treat their eyebrows just like how they care for their hair. Eyebrows have become more than assets in expressing emotions and keeping your eyes well-protected. Eyebrows have also become the standard of beauty. Many beauty care brands have released eyebrow hair growth serums, oils, and soaps to cope with the demand because of this trend.

Your eyebrows have fewer hair strands, but it doesn’t mean they’re safe against hair loss problems? So, how should you take good care of your eyebrows to prevent losing their strands and pristine quality? Take note of the dos and don’ts in taking care of your precious eyebrows.

Eyebrow Care: The Dos and Don’ts to Achieve the Perfect Eyebrows

If you want to get the perfect eyebrows, read and try doing the nofollowing eyebrow care tips.

1.Brush your eyebrows in a downward direction.

Your eyebrow strands grow in a downward direction. If you’re aiming to sport the “no makeup” look, brushing your eyebrows downwards can help make your appearance look soft and natural. Brushing your eyebrows down also allows you to fill in the gaps of your upper eyebrows. Once you’re done, you can simply brush your eyebrows again nofollowing the arch.

2.Do not wax or shave your eyebrows.

Most women would always prefer to groom their skimpy eyebrows, leaving no extra strands on sight. This reason pushes them to opt for eyebrow waxing, a grooming method that involves hot or cold wax. While this technique can remove eyebrow hair immediately, it can be pretty painful. Not only can eyebrow waxing irritate your skin, but wax may enter your eyes and cause even more trouble. Shaving can also irritate your skin, and you may even get grazes or wound if you shave your eyebrow hair carelessly. Shaving can also make your eyebrow hair strands blunt. Hence, to prevent risking your vision and skin, opt for eyebrow threading instead.

3.Don’t forget to moisturize your eyebrows.

Yes, you’ve read it right. You also need to moisturize your eyebrow hair, just like how you moisten the hair on your head. You can use a regular conditioner, but it can enter your eyes and irritate them. To moisturize your eyebrows safely, you can wash them with a conditioner made explicitly for your eyebrows. You can also slather some aloe vera gel or hair oil, such as castor, argan, or coconut oil.

4.Brush your eyebrows up before grooming them.

Before trimming or threading your eyebrows by yourself, you have to brush them up gently so that you can see the excess strands growing on your brows. By doing so, you can prevent turning your eyebrows into a total disaster. It’ll also help you create the perfect shape for your eyebrows.

5.Have your eyebrows groomed by a professional.

No matter how many times you have groomed your eyebrows, there will always be flaws. Hence, it would be best to have your eyebrows tamed by a professional. Professionals are trained to shape your eyebrows properly according to your facial features. You will also be in good hands since they use safe eyebrow grooming techniques, such as threading and plucking. Therefore, try to book an appointment with a professional every once in a while, for he or she can help you tame your frowzy eyebrows and maintain their perfectly arched shape.

Tame Your Unkempt Eyebrows to Perfection.

Eyebrows are essential both physically and aesthetically. They protect your eyes against dirt and sweat while keeping you visually pleasing. Thus, you should also do your best to keep them healthy, hydrated, and groomed using products and tools explicitly for eyebrow hair growth and beauty. By doing so, you’ll look perfect and feel confident with and without makeup.

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