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Lipstick Write For Us, Contribute And Submit post

Lipstick Write For Us

Lipstick Write For Us

Lipstick is a cosmetic that adds color, texture, and protection to your lips.

There are many colors and types of lipsticks. Some lipsticks are also lip balms that add color and moisture.

Although the name [citation required] was initially used for a rod (handle) of material in a tubular container, usually 10 mm in diameter and 50 mm in length, today the term refers to the material itself, regardless of the type of application.

Ointment. Which type to choose and what are its characteristics?

At the end of a woman’s makeup, the lips are one of the most eye-catching elements, especially if the bright color was chosen based on the ensemble created in this work.

Choosing the perfect lipstick for makeup, professional or private, can be a bit of an odyssey, as you can see at a glance that there are dozens and dozens of colors out there, and every color has undertones. Different, then move on to the others. Completed.

But the dilemma of choosing the right lipstick doesn’t end there, because, in addition to colors and finishes, we also have different types of textures or products that may not work for all people and all situations.

Thus, we find ourselves in front of a small showcase in the massive world of makeup, which contains many products that it is more than desirable to know to choose the right lip depending on various factors such as makeup. The destination, role, type of event you are about to attend, or the age of the person you wish to apply to.

Ointment. What is that?

Everyone is perfectly familiar with lipstick, standing in front of you, that’s obvious; However, it is worth taking a step further and learning about other aspects of this product.

Lipstick, also called lipstick or lipstick, is a cosmetic product which, how could it be otherwise, is used to add color to the lips. The most common format for this product is a small cylindrical stick with a rotating base that pulls or retracts the lipstick product itself during use or storage.

The composition of lipsticks depends on the type of product chosen, but as a rule, they all include waxes, oils, and color pigments among their main products, which differ depending on the product’s color.

Interestingly, some of these colored pigments are of animal or insect origin since raspberry tones are derived from the mealybugs that inhabit cacti. Another dye used is eosin, a powder obtained by the action of the mineral bromine on an element called fluorescein, which gives it its dark pink color.

The function of waxes is to impart consistency to the bar product, whether of animal or vegetable origin because some of the most commonly used polishes are beeswax; lanolin, which is obtained from the production of glands in animals such as goats or sheep; or carnauba palm wax, a palm spice typical of South America.

After all, the task of oils is to give the product softness and shine. The most common oils are jojoba or castor oil, vegetable oils, although petroleum oils are also used.

While we know lipstick’s main components, each manufacturer adds these other types of ingredients to differentiate their product and obtain different properties, such as sunscreens or perfumes.

A little story about lipsticks

The very act of coloring lips, like almost all aspects of makeup, dates back to ancient Egypt when various plant pigments were used for this purpose.

Until the late 19th century, lipstick became mainstream in perfumery in most European countries and the United States. Back then, lipstick was made from the same product as today, except it didn’t have a regulatory element but was wrapped in paper or stored in a jar.

The regulator tube appeared at the beginning of the 20th century and was already a common cosmetic in every woman’s repertoire by the 1930s.

What are lipsticks, and what are their properties?

The available offer of this type of cosmetics is quite broad. At first, we will be surprised by the wide choice of colors and shades; But in this wide range, we also find different designs and ultimately different products in terms of composition.

Each of these products is suitable for a specific type of lip, and we will have to choose a different kind to achieve a distinctive result.

The first distinction is the type of product because you can buy lipstick, which is the most common and famous, but you should know that there are also liquid lipsticks.

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