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nse: Madrasfert (Madras Fertilizers Ltd) – Order Book, Shares

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In December 1966, GOI and AMOCO India Incorporation of the USA (AMOCO) formed nse: madrasfert (Madras Fertilisers Limited)  as a joint venture, with GOI owning 51% of the equity share capital.

When NIOC purchased 50% of AMOCO’s shares in 1972, the ownership structure changed to 51% GOI and 24.5% each for AMOCO and NIOC.

AMOCO sold its shares in 1985, and GOI and NIOC bought them in proportion to their respective holdings on July 22, 1985.

In terms of share ownership, GOI had 67.55% of the shares, while NIOC held 32.4 percent.

Following the issue of rights shares in 1994 for a portion of the project’s finance, the shareholdings of GOI and NIOC are currently 69.78% and 30.22%, respectively. MFL issued 2,865,000 shares in the public market in 1997 with a face value of $10 and a premium of $5 per share.

2,58,09,700 of these shares received subscriptions. Following are the current paid-up share capital and shareholding structures:

Shareholder Paid-Up Capital ( in Cr) Share Holding %
GOI 95.85 59.50
NIOC 41.52 25.77
Public 23.73 14.73
Total 161.10 100.00

The company’s paid-up equity is $161.10 billion and has a 365 billion rupee authorised share capital. With an installed capacity of 2,47,500 MT of ammonia, 2,92,050 MT of urea, and 5,40,000 MT of NPK annually, MFL began commercial production in 1971.

At a cost of 601 Cr, a significant renovation and extension were completed in 1998, increasing the installed annual capacity to 3,46,500 MT of ammonia, 4,86,750 MT of urea, and 2,80,000 MT of NPK.

Madras Fertilisers Limited

nse: madrasfert

  1. fertilizer company founded in 1966
  2. kind of public company
  3. traded on the stock exchanges as BSE: 532168 and NSE: MADRASFERT;
  4. headquarters in Manali, Tamil Nadu, India.
  5. Significant figures: U. Saravanan (Chairman and MD)
  6. Products: fertilizers, agrochemicals
  7. Owner: Government of India (59.5%)
  8. Intertrade-NNaftiran (25.77%) [1]
  9. Website: www.madrasfert.co.in


Through effective operations, high-quality goods, a focus on the market, and committed staff, we want to become a leader in the fertiliser and process industries as well as in the manufacturing and marketing of agrochemicals and other environmentally friendly products like bio-fertilizers and neem pesticides.

Performance Highlights of the Plant

  • The plant generated 503900 MT of neem-coated urea in 2021–2022. The urea plant’s capacity utilisation is 103.5%, while its operational factor is 101.6%.
  • MFL produced 503900 MT of urea, the best yearly output (the prior highest was 486750 MT in FY 2013–14).
  • The annual specific energy consumption of urea, which is 7.371 Gcal/MT, is the lowest it has been since the industry’s start (the previous best was 7.386 Gcal/MT in FY 2013–14).
  • The quarterly output of urea during Oct.–Dec. 2021 was the greatest since the company’s founding (the previous best was 144763 MT during Jan.–Mar. 2011).
  • The quarterly specific energy consumption of 6.989 Gcal/MT of urea from October to December 2021 would be the lowest since the program’s commencement (the previous best was 7.057 Gcal/MT from January to March 2011).
  • The best monthly production, 50662 MT, was produced in December 2021 (best: 50650 MT in March 2016).
  • Since the project’s commencement, the lowest monthly specific energy consumption was 6.839 gcal/MT of urea in December 2021 (the previous best was 6.890 gcal/MT in April 2013).
  • 9.99 million man-hours were worked throughout the 2911 days that ended on March 31, 2022, without any lost-time accidents. (The prior record-holder was 5.66 million man-hours.)
  • Achieved a record sale of 5,04,559 MTs of Vijay Neem Coated Urea since renovating urea plants, a 5.2% increase over the previous year’s sale of 4,79,402 MTs.

NSE: Madrasfert Shares

Our market share in Tamil Nadu is 28.01%, which is more than one-fourth of the state’s overall market share, and it is 8.2% in MFL’s South Indian marketing region. (Total consumption 2021–2022) and CPLY: 60,68,525 MT.

  • It has sold all 26,253 MTs of Vijay 17-17-17 that were available.
  • Overall, 5,30,812 MT of NPK 17-17-17 and NC urea were sold throughout the year, which is on par with the 5,31,270 MTs sold the year before.
  • Despite the pandemic circumstances that persisted throughout the year, there was a record movement of 5,28,255 MT, which is the second best in the past 8 years. SALE OF BIO-FERTILISERS, NEEM PESTICIDES, AND ORGANIC MANURES
  • They sold 169.24 MT of Vijay Bio Fertilisers, the most in the preceding six years and an 8% increase over the 157.00 MT sold the year before.
  • Sold 113.63 KL of Vijay Neem, the most in the preceding 8 years and a 17% increase over the 96.67 KL sold the year before.
  • Vijay Organic sales under the “Basket Approach” reached 6832 MT, a record high for the preceding six years and a 35% increase over sales of 5046 MT the year prior. With a 50% market share, MFL is pleased to be the industry leader in Tamil Nadu.
  • In addition to organic manure, the “Swachh Bharat Mission” undertook the marketing of city compost, a product made from municipal or factory waste, and 10634 MTs were sold, a 66% increase over the sale of 6403 MTs the previous year.

NSE: Madrasfert Market Expansions

MFL is the market leader in Tamil Nadu in terms of sales of city compost. Market expansion and agricultural service programmes: Throughout the year, MFL’s marketing team has spoken with 23744 farmers and has consistently provided them with information on how to utilise environmentally friendly solutions for soil health, soil fertility, soil vitality, and balanced fertilisation (Integrated Nutrient Management).

Coordination with state and federal agricultural extension departments resulted in the organisation of method demonstrations and farmer seminars.

Marketing staff members gathered 4036 soil samples as part of their corporate social responsibility to the agricultural community, had them analysed, and then informed the farmers of the micro- and macronutrient recommendations for various crops throughout the year.

As part of the Prime Minister’s Mission to Empower Farmers via Supportive Schemes and Education on Farming Methods, MFL continues to provide assistance to farmers through “KisanSuvidha Kendra” locations in the Karnataka State towns of Gangavathy and Shimoga.

Services for farmers were provided, such as soil sample analysis, fertiliser dosage recommendations based on soil test results, weather education for farmers, crop insurance, and other advanced agricultural technology.

Management Team of Madras Fertilisers Ltd.

Priya Ranjan Panda, GM, F & A (a/c), and GM, P&A (a/c),

V Chandramouli, DGM, CA & T (i/c)

T Vanniaperumal, DGM, Production & ESE (i/c)

A Madhan Mohan, DGM-MM (i/c)

B. Annil Kumar DGM-D & S (a/c)

Order Book

Qty Bid (₹) Ask (₹) Qty
70.40 2,505

Buy Quantity

Sell Quantity

Trade Information
Traded Volume (Shares) 29,37,791
Traded Value (Lakhs) 2,067.03
Total Market Cap (Lakhs) 1,12,690.36
Free Float Market Cap (Lakhs) 17,012.30
Impact cost 0.40
Price Information
52-Week High (21-Dec-2022) 96.45
52-Week Low (20-Jun-2022) 36.35
Upper Band 81.95
Lower Band 54.65
Price Band 20
Value at risk (%) [Updated intra-day]
Security VaR 28.07
Index VaR
VaR Margin 28.07
Extreme Loss Rate 3.50
Adhoc Margin
Applicable margin rate 31.57


Adjusted Price: When the investment is undertaking a corporate action, such as a dividend, bonus, correct, or face value split, the adjusted price is presented. The percentage change in corporate action (ex-date) is computed about the adjusted price.

i-NAV: During each business day, an ETF’s i-NAV (indicative NAV) is shown as it has been received from AMCs.

The percentage change is computed in relation to the equilibrium price established during the session for securities that are subject to call auction in special pre-open sessions for new or IPO listings, re-listings, corporate actions, surveillance actions, etc.

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52-week high/low: Prices are changed to reflect corporate actions like bonuses, face value splits, and rights, among others.

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