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Best Curly Hair Products – Treatments, Hair Routines, and More

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The Best Curly Hair Products represent an absolute treasure for those who are lucky enough to have them.

But like any treasure, they must be well protected. Yes, the other side of the coin is indeed there: it is fragile.

Lack of care and attention and the vagaries of nature (wind, rain, humidity) often get the better of curly hair.

The frizz takes over on the silky curls, and the hair ends up being tied up all day long or then smoothed to hide the ugly curls.

Result: they tarnish and deteriorate. But don’t panic beautiful curly hair; it does exist! You have to find the right products.

Which curly hair treatments to choose from?

To have beautiful, silky and supple curls, you need to take care of your curly hair. For that, nothing better than products specially designed for them.

In this case, curly hair needs to be particularly nourished and hydrated because it is, by nature, very dry.

Depending on the type of hair (thick, normal or acceptable), you will have to choose products more or less rich in water or fat.

Regardless, the undisputed stars of curly hair care are none other than vegetable oils. They help nourish the hair in-depth, providing it with the fatty acids and vitamins they need.

To redraw the curls and keep them in good health, favour the products based on avocado, linseed, argan or grapeseed oil.

How to do homemade curly hair treatment?

To draw your curls, you can also choose to prepare a homemade treatment. The recipes are effortless and 100% natural.

Here are two homemade mask recipes, ideal for curly hair:

Nourishing mask recipe for curly and thick hair

The thick hair will need more nutrition. So, we (really) put everything on vegetable oils.

– Crush an avocado

– Mix it with two tablespoons of vegetable oil of your choice

All you have to do is apply it to the lengths and ends.

Leave on overnight and rinse with a Paraben Free shampoo the following day.

Moisturizing mask recipe for curly and fine hair

The fine hair will need more moisture to regain lightness.

– Mix a pot of yoghurt (preferably organic) with four tablespoons of aloe vera

– Add four tablespoons of honey (preferably organic)

– Mix and add four drops of essential oil of your choice

Apply it all over the hair and leave for two hours, covering the hair with baking paper.

Rinse everything, and you’re complete.

The air diffuser

Some people looked into several types of hair at the forefront of innovation to develop its drying tips included with the Supersonic.

For curly hair? A diffuser reproduces natural drying by dispersing the air evenly around each wick. Like natural drying, the curl is precise, and the volume galvanized!

The hair routine for curly hair

Summer is also an opportunity to review your hair care products, including coconut oil, avocado, Matcha butter and Aloe Vera.

Improve the damage caused by the sun and repeated swimming.

The idea? Pamper your curls during the holidays with targeted products to give it all its shine at the start of the school year.

In the program?

1 . After each washing treatment, use a gentle detangling agent not to break the curl with each brushstroke.

2 . Allow yourself 10 to 15 minutes per week to leave a nourishing mask on for in-depth repair.

3 . We put on care without rinsing for plump curls.

4 . The oil is used and abused by small touches on the lengths or in the bath for more results.

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