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The Best Protein for Women – Protein 3K, Myprotein Impact

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The Best Protein for Women –

Women are strong whether or not they consume protein supplements. I do not have doubts about it.

But it is true that sometimes because they are vegan or to generate or maintain lean mass, they need an extra contribution

In this case, supplements can be allies. But are the same products that men consume suitably? Is a formula adjust to the female organism needed? Is it justifiable to buy options labelled “for women”?

Proteins For Women: What’s Different About Them?

Proteins are proteins, and they do not change depending on who eats them. They are identical for children, older or young adults, as well as for women and men.

However, the effect they can have on the body is not the same.

Why? Because the body of a woman or a child is not the same as that of a young man, neither is that of an older man.

And this is where we find a somewhat disappointing finding: proteins, especially whey protein shakes, are the most studied. They were investigated much more in men than in women.

In conclusion, much less is known about the effects on women, leading to many myths. Although minor, there is evidence that clarifies the issue and that I will share with you today.

Selection Of Proteins For Women

Protein 3K

• The product combines three sources of protein: whey concentrate, calcium caseinate, and chicken egg protein. Although this last type is only 1%, it makes this shake not suitable for those with egg allergies.

• Another point to note here is that we are talking about concentrates and not isolated.

However, the percentage and composition of the BCAAs are adequate, and the carbohydrate and fat percentages are not high, which makes it possible to obtain high proteins per serving.

It is a product designed to gain muscle mass.

• It offers in four well-made flavours, although some may be too sweet, making it ideal for women who are more fans of this type of product.

The sweetness is natural, obtained from a stevia extract.

Myprotein Impact

• MyProtein’s classic protein comes in almost sixty flavours designed for all tastes, making it a more versatile product for women who are more selective when it comes to choosing.

• So much variety makes you find more successful options than others. As always, my choice is the neutral that never fails and is the most versatile. Includes versions sweetened with Stevia.

• A whey concentrate offers a high percentage of protein with moderate fat and low carbohydrates (only sugars).

This product has a higher percentage of calories per serving, marking a warning on a weight reduction diet.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard

  • It is not a protein “for women” but for all those looking for an effective product, endorsed by a long-standing brand, belonging to the Glanbia group and with third-party analyzes that certify products free of prohibited substances.
  • Although it is a product made up of isolate and concentrate, the highest proportion is the former, which determines higher protein levels and fewer fats and carbohydrates.
  • The flavours and dissolution are satisfactory, plus the variety is wide, but you cannot escape the artificial flavourings since it does not offer a flavourless option.

Types Of Protein For Women

So, the primary use of proteins in women is associated with body conformation, weight reduction and improved performance.

Consequently, it is worth asking what type of protein is best suited for each of these purposes.

Whey Protein

It is one of the most chosen. It is very effective and meets nutritional needs either by ingesting it before or after training, especially in the whey protein isolate or hydrolyzed whey versions with rapid assimilation.

This helps post-exercise recovery ( study ) and improving body composition, as we have seen. It has also been effective in achieving satiety and aiding in weight loss ( study ).

Pea Protein

Although it is not complete, it is very effective, free of allergens and a good option in vegan diets that require plant protein.

It contributes to gaining muscle volume ( study ) and may be better than whey for satiety ( research ), being a great alternative when choosing one of the best protein shakes to lose weight.

Other Proteins For Women

  • Collagen: reduces skin wrinkles, a problem that worries many women; it improves body composition in combination with exercise ( meditation ) and reduces joint pain when walking, running or playing sports.
  • Egg white: complete protein, ideal for people with lactose intolerance. It has fewer carbohydrates ( source ) than whey ( source ), so it is recommended for weight loss (it also offers high satiety) and for diabetic women.
  • Hemp: it is a complete option for vegan women, rich in Omega 3, with all the health benefits of this fatty acid.
  • Brown rice: another vegan option that can positively affect performance and body composition.
  • Plant-based powders: you have to be careful when choosing a mix since vegetable proteins are usually incomplete, so only suitable combinations will provide all the necessary amino acids.

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