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Restylane – a modern creation of fillers

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Restylane is a product for contour plastics, consisting of highly purified hyaluronic acid. It is applied to decrease lines, develop strength and improve the appearance of the lips. It dissolves in 6-8 months.

Restylane is a modern and reliable filler based on stabilized non-animal hyaluronic acid, which is actively managed in shape plastics to soften lines, accurate defects after injuries, right facial asymmetry, and improve lip size. Hyaluronic acid is a substance found in the surface plus tissues of any person. It serves as a kind of “frame” that holds a significant amount of water. Plus the price of Restylane is quite affordable.

The beauty industry does not stand still, the Restylane line preparations will help to fill the age-related lack of hyaluronic acid, which leads to the appearance of wrinkles and drooping surface:

  • Biological compatibility. High biological compatibility of the drug with body tissues guarantees the safety of its application and preservation of the basic functions of the epidermis.
  • Author’s shot techniques. Author’s injection beauty techniques and an individual comprehensive approach to contouring including improvement of age-related changes.
  • Modern technologies. A modern creation line of fillers for contouring: eliminating lines, nasolabial wrinkles, correcting the form of lips, cheekbones and facial contours.

Restylane injections

Objective sensation during the Restylane procedure: the injection procedure is practically painless, local anesthesia is require only for lip correction, but in any case, the approach to solving this issue is individual for each patient.

The time of the method is determine depending on the problem being solve. On average, the method takes 30 minutes.

Results after Restylane shots

The effect of the change is apparent nearly instantly, although it becomes common pronounced in a week. This is achieve by injecting Restylane products at specific points. Lines are diminish or vanish completely, the lips take the wanted form.

The result of the method remains up to 12 months.

The term of action and the presence of Restylane in the tissues is unique. The “faster” metabolic processes, the more dehydrated the tissues, the faster the result passes.

By the way, electrical methods, massages, sauna and other effects on tissues that improve blood circulation contribute to its faster absorption.

Lip augmentation with Restylane

It is far from always clear that a woman has filler in her lips. It all depends on the desire of the patient (patient) and the skill of the doctor.

We often inject Restylane in women who smoke to prevent the formation of early expression lines around the lips.

Another category of patients is women of elegant age with wrinkles already forme in this area. Here, the correction takes place, as a rule, in two stages and the age-relating changes of the lips are gone! So buy lip injections online and be beautiful.

It also happens that a young beautiful woman has narrow lips by nature. Restylane will help here too. By giving the lips a slight swelling, you can achieve several results at once: remove wrinkles around the lips, make a woman more feminine. Hyaluronic acid, which is the basis of Restylane, promotes deep tissue hydration.

And more not only old age hides behind narrow lips. It is believe that narrow lips are a sign of not quite complaisant character and, by changing the volume of the lips, one can circle the picky “physiognomists” around the finger.

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