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The Best Vitamins To Take After Bariatric Surgery

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Recovery from bariatric surgery can be quite exhausting. Your body needs rest and at the same time, it needs to adapt to the changes. It is a tough road, but in the end, it will be worth it. In those moments, you need to help your body as much as possible. Bariatric advantage vitamins and supplements are a great way to help your body rest and recover after weight loss surgery. 

Why are vitamins so important to us? 

Vitamins play a crucial role in our bodies. Even though they are small and we get them in small amounts, (some even in traces), they are incredibly important. Here is a shortlist of the tasks that vitamins have in our system.

  • Normal metabolism;
  • Brain function;
  • Energy;
  • Heart health;
  • Bone health;
  • Muscle growth;

If only one vitamin is excluded from our bodies, they won’t be able to function properly. That is why taking them in adequate amounts is so important. 

Normal vitamins vs. Post-bariatric vitamins

Doctors recommend taking post-bariatric vitamins and supplements to help the body recover from the surgery and get back on track as soon as possible. Taking this into consideration, you wonder what is the difference between the post-bariatric vitamins and the ‘normal ones. 

Weight loss surgery limits the amount of food that the body can take, and by this, it limits the absorption of nutrients, as well as vitamins. A list of vitamins is crucial for you to keep yourself on the weight loss track, and because of that, you need to get post-bariatric vitamins. 

Bariatric vitamins are better absorbed, they are less likely to cause irritation on your stomach, and they will prevent any vitamin deficiencies that may occur. The American Society for metabolic and bariatric surgery has a specific table with all the micronutrients the body needs after weight loss surgery. 

Usually, deficiencies happen with vitamins A, K, D, E, as well as with folic acid, magnesium, iron, calcium, and zinc in the body. Now, those in the second group aren’t exactly vitamins, they are micronutrients that are found in multivitamins, as well as ordinary food. They are equally important as vitamins. It is recommended to start with bariatric vitamins as soon as you get the doctors’ clearance. 

Bariatric vitamins list

It is often recommended to stop taking vitamins around 3 days before surgery and to start taking them again 1-2 weeks post-op. That way, you will give enough time to your body to recover a little, but it won’t be too long to cause serious damage that is vitamin-related.

Vitamin D 

  • Vitamin D keeps the Calcium in our bodies in a normal range. Calcium is important for our bones, teeth, and muscles. If there is not enough vitamin D in the body, it leads to bone deformity, as well as bone pain because the bones will starve for Calcium.  Its absorption is helped greatly by fat in some foods. 

Vitamin C 

  • Vitamin C is important for many things in our body. It plays a great role in our immune system, fighting infections, and wound healing. It also helps with iron absorbance. When the body lacks vitamin C, different symptoms start appearing, as well as an illness, called scurvy. 


Vitamin B12

  • B-12 vitamins are really important. They play a crucial role in our normal brain function and keep our brain healthy. Every cell has its own metabolism that depends on the B-12. If there is a deficiency of B12 in the body, that can lead to anemia, as well as thinking and memory problems. 


  • With a number of functions, the B-complex plays part in our health. It promotes the growth of healthy cells. It helps the body fight against infections and looks after our health and well-being. If deficiency occurs, it will lead to digestive and nerve problems. 


With any surgery, the body goes through many changes. One of them can be losing blood during surgery. It’s not uncommon, and it is normal. That is why post-surgery patients need to take iron supplements. 

  • Iron is a micronutrient in our body that is incredibly important. It carries oxygen through our bodies, to every single cell. Also, it forms some specific hormones. When we lack iron in the body, that leads to anemia. There are specific signs, such as paleness, fatigue, etc. to prevent that from happening, iron supplements are taken, and to increase the absorbance, it is recommended to take vitamin C shortly after. 


Bariatric or weight loss surgery gets you one step closer to your desired weight. But it’s just one small step in the whole journey. Taking good care of your body post-op means a lot. Taking the needed post-bariatric vitamins and supplements will help the body recover and get the much-needed nutrients to get back on track. It is a huge change for the body, and it needs time to adapt. By taking vitamin supplements, we help out a lot. 


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