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Top Five Tips for Enhancing Safety at Home for Seniors

by healthandbeautytimes

Most people prefer staying in their homes as they age. After all, they are surrounded by the people who love them, not to mention the comfort of living at home. However, seniors have different conditions that affect their health and mobility as they age. Therefore, it is crucial for anyone looking after an older adult to take precautions and measures to guarantee the safety of their senior loved one at home. One of the best solutions is hiring a caregiver from a reputable home care agency Frederick MD, to care for the loved one. However, whether you have a caregiver or looking after the elderly yourself, here are safety measures you should take to improve the comfort and safety of your home.

1. Prevent Falls

Seniors are prone to falls as their mobility deteriorates. Therefore, you need to proof your home from falls. The first thing is to recognize if their balance is deteriorating and the frequency of the falls. You can speak with a healthcare provider if you think your loved one is falling more than usual. Ensure you don’t leave slippery or wet floors. The senior should also wear anti-slip footwear all the time. It can also be a good idea to install a stair lift since staircase falls are common among seniors.

2. Leave Emergency Numbers

It is also vital to keep emergency numbers where the senior loved one can see them or on their phone. This way, they can always call for help in case something happens when you are not around. It is easy to remember 911, but still good to write it down in case the senior cannot remember. Having the Poison Control Number in case of an ingestion accident or medication mix-up is also good. The list should be visible to ensure everyone can get help quickly.

3. Protect from Fire

One benefit of having a caregiver from an agency like the Capital City Nurses is that your loved one will always be cared for, even in a disaster like a fire. However, that does not mean you should not eliminate fire hazards. In a fire, the senior person cannot react or move quickly. Therefore, it is crucial to remove fire hazards. First, you need a fire alarm to alert you in case of a fire. Ensure you also have smoke detectors in the bedroom, kitchen, or nearby appliances. Get a fire extinguisher and discourage wearing loose clothing when cooking.

4. Safety-proof the Home

Make sure the hallway and stairs are well-lit to prevent falls. The paths must also be clear of obstacles like shoes. If you cannot afford a stair lift, ensure your stairs have rails and banisters and encourage your elderly loved one to use them when going up or down the stairs. It is also advisable to ensure you don’t have loose rugs.

5. Prevent Bathroom Risks

Bathroom falls are also common for older adults. Therefore, you must check on this by ensuring the heated water temperature is moderate. It is also advisable to buy rubber mats for the bathroom to avoid slipping and a raised toilet.


Keeping your elderly loved one at home instead of in an assisted living community is a good decision. The senior parent is comfortable and surrounded by loved ones. However, you will need to ensure your home is safe for them. Making simple changes will help older adults stay safe.

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