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Three Do-It-Yourself Hair Treatment Recipes

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Hair Treatment Recipes

Winter hair can be counteracting with hair treatment recipes. These three hair treatment recipes can be effortlessly and speedily made at home.

Spending a lot of money on excellent hair care is out now. The ingredients for effective care can be originating in the refrigerator at home.

Have they still damaged hair from the scarf and the cold season?

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Avocado olive oil regimen


  • One avocado
  • Two tablespoons of olive oil
  • One squirt of lemon juice 

Preparation and use

  1. This regimen brings plenty of moisture to dry hair. For this, you have to mix the pulp of the avocado, olive oil, and lemon juice together.
  2. Then apply this to the hair treatment but the scalp and roots should be left out. Then wash everything out with warm water.

Banana and almond treatment


  • One banana
  • One tablespoon of almond oil

Preparation and use

  1. This mask offers intensive care against split ends. To do this, the banana must be chopped up with a fork until it turns into a mousse.
  2. Then add the almond oil and massage the mix into the ends of your hair.
  3. After about 5 minutes, you can wash your hair thoroughly and see the results of the hair treatment recipes.

Honey and olive oil treatment


  1. Two tablespoons of honey
  2. Two tablespoons of olive oil 

Preparation and use

  1. This regimen will leave hair shiny and supple. To do this, the ingredients must be stirred and briefly heated in the microwave.
  2. Finally, apply the lukewarm mass and let it work for 30 minutes.
  3. It is best done under a shower cap. Because of the sticky honey, it should wash out particularly well.

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