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Why Irritated Nose in Winter? – Definition, Causes, Preventions

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Irritated Nose in Winter Definition

Irritated the nose in winter, sudden temperature changes, the dryness of the environment, or continuous pollution can affect our respiratory system.

As a result, we can suffer from nasal congestion, allergies to different elements. And also, with total security, the nose will be how the various symptoms manifest.

The itching will be the most common and annoying symptom for the person who suffers from an infection or allergy in this respiratory tract.

In most cases, this itch is a natural response to an allergic reaction caused by different factors. And the chemicals in fumes or colonies to dust and pollen or through spicy foods.

In the rest of the cases, this irritation can cause by environmental conditions such as dryness or contamination, or bacteriological infections.

What are the Causes of Itchy the Nose?

1. Itching Due to Dryness

  • In winter, the environment is dry with the use of heating, wind, etc. It causes an environmental dryness which affects the skin. The skin near the nose becomes depleted, causing nasal irritation.

2. Allergy Itching

  • Itching is not the only symptom of allergy, which is it is accompanied, for example, by red spots on the skin, rashes, asthma, eczema, etc.

3. Itching and Dripping

  • These two signs tell us the rhinitis. It is an inflammation of the nose caused by the common cold. In winter, this pathology is prevalent.
  • So sneezing and nasal itching will be the general tonic of those who suffer from it.

4. Internal Itching

  • This symptom is the result of an infection that has inflamed the nasal area. It can start with an itchy nose and continue with a stuffy nose.
  • If in your case, you are a person with a sensitive respiratory system, you should take care of your nose and the environment in which you want it to “work.
  • Therefore you should eliminate possible allergens from your environment, keep it hydrated, and use a humidifier to avoid dryness.
  • Another tip you can use is to go to homeopathy. In this therapy, there are various drugs included in health professionals’ advice to treat symptoms in patients of all ages.
  • Also, before using it is recommended you consult your doctor or homeopathic pharmacist who will be in charge of recommending a treatment for this discomfort.

How Can Preventions the Appearance Of Annoying Wounds?

Prevention is always better than cure. It should be careful if you notice the cold or wind begins to affect your nose, you have a cold or an allergy.

If you notice discomfort, it is best to start taking care of the area, using a specific repair product that protects the skin, hydrates it, and recovering from irritation.

How Can you Cure the Nose as Soon as Possible?

If not arrive in time to prevent and you already have a small wound in the nose, follow these tips to heal it as soon as possible.

1. First of all, you must maintain good hygiene. And both the wound area itself and the hands. And it prevents possible infections.

2. Wash the area with warm water and mild soap with a suitable PH. If the wound is in, using serum saline to clean and then can use a cotton swab to remove any mucus traces.

3. Sometimes, the wound can bleed. In case, before washing the area, please wait for it to stop bleeding by pressing gently with a gauze or paper.

4. If the wound is internal, even if it seems the most appropriate, do not throw your head back. Keep it straight, lean forward a little, and compress on the outside.

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