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The 9 most common mistakes when applying mascara

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9 most common mistakes when applying mascara

Many women wear mascara almost every day, which makes the eyelashes appear darker and longer.

Mascara is one of the popular make-up products and is part of the morning routine in the bathroom for many.

The dark color and creamy texture of the beauty helper provide a stressed eye area. They can both appear subtle and conjure up a dramatic look.

When using it, at least one, if not more than one of the nofollowing nine mistakes usually made.

Pumping the mascara before use

  • Why do you push the mascara brush back into the packaging several times with hectic movement before use? It is no good reason for this, except for the habit.
  • There are, however, many reasons why you shouldn’t do just that: With this technique, a lot of air gets into it, which dries out the product through the movement of the brush.
  • It means that the mascara needs to replace more quickly.

Apply too many layers

  • For a more intense look, often apply multiple layers of mascara, but this is not good for the eyelashes.
  • Especially if the make-up removed too roughly, it could cause the fine hair to break. More than two layers of itare therefore not recommended.
  • The first layer should not be dry before applying the second to achieve a lump-free result.

Use eyelash curler after the mascara

  • As already mentioned, the eyelashes are sensitive and can break off if they treated too roughly.
  • An eyelash curler ensures a beautiful curve of the eyelashes and opens the view even more.
  • It is important always to use this before the mascara; otherwise, the fine hairs can damage in combination with it.

A false eyelash brush

  • To achieve different effects, there are very different mascara brushes: straight, curved in different ways, with tines made of plastic or bristles.
  • An oval brush with long bristles often used, but its volume does not reach the entire hair in many places.
  • The closer to the base you apply eyelashes, the thicker and more voluminous the result of the look becomes. Smaller brushes with a slightly straight or curved shape can hold more eyelashes.

Only apply the tips of the eyelashes

  • When things have to go fast, the mascara brush is often only used on the upper half of the eyelashes, which unfortunately only has half the effect.
  • On the other hand, if you cover the full length of the lashes, the eyes are emphasized much more, and the lash line appears fuller.

Use mascara that is too old

  • After three to six months, you should dispose of mascara, as it will be a bit drier afterward, and the eyelashes can become brittle.
  • Germination can also occur. Since the eyes are very sensitive, you should pay attention to hygiene and never use products that are too old.

The wrong technique

  • Using the wrong technique when applying the mascara can not only result in lumps or glued eyelashes, but some hairs also do not reach.
  • The cleanest results obtained if you use a zigzag pattern to dab from the lash line up to the tips. So the individual hair remains separate, and the look looks more natural.

The wrong shade

  • If you want to wear more natural make-up in everyday life, you should use brown mascara instead of black or blue.
  • It looks less hard and artificial, especially with lighter hair.

Make up your eyes immediately after the care

  • The mascara is often applied immediately after the morning facial care.
  • However, it is better to wait a few minutes if you have applied a day cream to the sensitive skin around the eyes.
  • So nursing has time to move in. Usually, some cream gets on the eyelashes, especially on the lower lash line, which can ensure that the mascara dries more slowly and smears more quickly.

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